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zombie kush seeds

Zombie kush seeds

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covering her large blooms make this strain an essential piece for lovers of kush flavors.

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an ancient clone of lavender kush was pollinated by our brilliant amnesia. From there a clone called “Sideral” was selected and later we decided to pollinate again with our bubba kush.

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An 80/20 split in favor of its indica genetics, Zombie Kush marijuana will render your restless mind at ease. Starting with a cerebral high, you’ll feel focused, directed, and energized enough to be productive. You don’t want too much on your plate, however, as the body high soon makes itself known, and you’ll be drifting off into a restful sleep before you know it.

Far from being frightening, Zombie Kush marijuana is an indica-dominant strain that will have you seeking little more than the comfort of your bed.

You could be an extra on the Walking Dead, or you could just sample Zombie Kush marijuana, an indica dominant hybrid that combines bliss and sedation for an high that will let you sleep like the dead.


Topping out at an average of 20% THC, Zombie Kush marijuana isn’t for the faint of heart. It is, however, ideal for treating chronic stress, insomnia, depression, and appetite loss.

Bursting in colours of purple and green, Zombie Kush is also a beauty in the garden, with nugs boasting a coating of crystal trichomes worth the effort to coax their moderate yield to grow. Zombie Kush marijuana seeds will spend around 8 to 9 weeks flowering before they’re ready to harvest, and a gardener with at least intermediate level experience growing the versatile plant will have success.