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y life seeds

Y life seeds

Weight loss
A perk of including this in your diet is that it helps you lose weight. As hemp seeds are rich in fiber, they make you feel full for longer and diminish your sugar cravings. Having these protein-rich seeds every morning can help you feel full throughout the day so you don’t end up overeating during meals.

Improve Skin

The anti-inflammatory properties present in the seeds help treat eczema as well as reduce acne. Other than that, hemp seeds also contain loads of omega-3 and 6, which helps improve the skin health by making it more moisturized and strengthening it against the environmental factors.

Aids Digestion
Since it’s a rice source of fiber, hemp seeds also improve your digestive health. The high-fiber seeds are helpful in ameliorating the gastrointestinal system of your body and relieving constipation.

Reduce inflammation
Hemp seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, enhanced by the presence of omega-3 and GLA present in its composition. The reduction of inflammation helps fight off many chronic diseases like heart diseases, arthritis, and fatty liver disease.

Reduce PMS and cramps
PMS and cramps are a big part of every woman’s life. The emotional and physical turmoil can’t be avoided and puts a hindrance in daily life activities. It is believed that these symptoms are the due to a sensitivity of the prolactin hormone. Hemp seeds contain the essential fatty acids (GLA) that help relieve the sensitivity caused by that hormone, thus, reducing the effects that PMS and cramps have on our body.

Improve Cardiovascular Health
The plant-based protein along with fiber and healthy fats of the hemp seeds keep your heart healthy and working smoothly. The omega-3 and 9 reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Y life seeds

From this, it follows that weak seed banks can significantly alter the shape of the SAD, increasing both species richness ( (S) ) and the number of rare species in a way that can be explicitly computed from the ESF and the above formulas. Even when individuals only stay dormant on average for two generations, the expected richness with a seed bank ( (Eleft[<_>^<>right]=^<>) ) increases by a factor of four. Such coalescent-based reasoning may help to explain why separate models are needed to fit the SAD for different groups of organisms. For example, the log-series distribution implemented through the maximum entropy theory of ecology (METE) does an excellent job of describing the SAD for plants and animals 163 , while the log-normal distribution is better for describing diversity among microbial taxa 164 . This discrepancy has been attributed to the fact that microbial samples typically contain many more individuals ( (N) ) than plant and animal communities, which can lead to uneven SADs with longer tails of rare species. An alternate explanation is that seed banks influence the SAD. If so, then this effect should be pronounced in microbial communities, because seed banks are prevalent in these systems 12 , and active and dormant cells are hard to differentiate. Although the ESF is not valid for predicting the effects of strong seed banks (Box 2), explicit recursive sampling formulas can be derived 76 that may yield even more pronounced effects on the SAD.

Physical features of seed banks

In the upper panel, we depict switching dynamics in a randomly fluctuating environment. When the values of (_<1>) and (_<2>) are small, the environment is relatively stable. When the values of (_<1>) and (_<2>) are large, the environment rapidly fluctuates between good and bad environmental conditions, changing almost every generation. In the lower panel, we depict optimality regions that correspond to different transition strategies 145 . Specifically, (_<>) , (_<>) , and (,_<>) indicate regions where a population employing stochastic (blue), responsive (red), and anticipatory (green) strategies are optimal and have positive fitness, while (_) depicts the region where a population that does not engage in dormancy has the highest (and positive) fitness (yellow). Within a color family, the dark-colored regions indicate that the optimal strategy is the only one with positive fitness. In the light-colored regions, there is at least one other strategy with positive, but strictly lower than optimal, fitness. In the white regions, where environmental conditions are stably bad (large (_<1>) and small (_<2>) ), all strategies, including the optimal one, have negative fitness. More precise model definitions and parameters can be found elsewhere 145 .

Seed-bank attributes

Locey, K. J. et al. Dormancy dampens the microbial distance-decay relationship. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. B Biol. Sci. 375, 20190243 (2020). Combined field and modeling approach demonstrating that dormancy can alter biogeographic patterns.

Y life seeds

Client copay’s are determined based on financial and therapeutic circumstances. The minimum client copay for an individual session is $50.00. The minimum couple’s copay for a marriage session is $85.00. The minimum student copay for tutoring sessions is $30.00.

Applications cannot be approved without all the required paperwork being present. This includes a completed application, and a copy of your most recent tax return or a paycheck stub that includes a year-to-date total. The therapist’s regular rate will be charged until the application has been completely processed. The administrative staff will notify you via email on the status of your application.

The maximum combine income to qualify is $75,000 annually.

Partner With Us

Most scholarships are approved for a six-month duration, but not to exceed one year. The exact dates will be listed in your approval email and the therapy session rate will return to the standard rate once the agreement has expired.

With the generosity of donors throughout our community, we can offer a discounted rate to individuals and families in need of counseling. Clients each receive a 10% discount from their therapist’s original rate and are expected to make a copay at each session. The remaining balance is then paid from church or donation funds.

Seeds of Life Fund

To be a key auxiliary resource to the general public, churches, and organizations in the Lowcountry by providing teaching and workshops for free or at a reduced cost.

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