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worldwide marijuana seeds com

Worldwide marijuana seeds com

3. Where do I buy marijuana seeds in the USA?

Since the seed bank is quite new, you can only choose from over 100 seeds. The founders are planning to expand its seed selection, but it will take so much time. This is because they test every new seed before they make it available in the market. SO, you can expect a germination rate of around 93%.

One good thing about buying cannabis seeds online is the availability of different payment options. However, note that you cannot simply go ahead with buying cannabis seeds without knowing the available payment methods that your seed bank accepts. Yet, you can always check it out on their official website

ILGM offers a germination guarantee in seed quality, with a 100% germination rate. I Love Growing Marijuana will give you a full refund.


The seed bank accepts significant credit cards and debit cards in terms of payment methods. In addition, bank transfers and money orders also available.

Another amazing thing about Quebec Cannabis Seeds is their high germination rate (80% germination guarantee). If more than half of your seeds do not germinate, simply contact their customer service, and the company will replace the seeds with new ones. Yet, there is a slight downside. You must pay for shipping, regardless of where you live.

We feel your struggle. You want to buy cannabis seeds online. Yet you do not know which one to choose. All online seed banks promise high-quality sources and claim that each of them is a reliable seed bank.

8. OriginalSeedStore

Herbies Seeds accepts payment through a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and bitcoin for payment and shipping concerns. In addition, they accept and ship orders worldwide and open for a stealth shipping option.

If we look at the website of True North Seeds, we cannot find details about how they started as a seed bank. However, we can still consider it as one of the best seed banks in the US, even though they are based in Canada.

Overall, Seedsman is one of the best online seed banks on this list and they ship to the USA and offer free shipping in Europe as well. You don’t want to miss this amazing seed bank especially if you’re looking to pick from a wide variety of marijuana strains from feminized seeds to auto-flowering seeds.

One thing you might not experience when buying cannabis seeds online is a good website. Although most of the seed banks on this list have functioning websites it isn’t that great considering that some of them have bad layouts which make it hard for its users to find what they want.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Tiger-one doesn’t just sell cannabis seeds but also sell other cannabis-related products like vaporizers, unbranded seeds, grinders, and even cannabinoid testing kits which makes this brand a good choice if you’re planning to buy other CBD related products.


Overall, if you’re looking for high-quality marijuana seeds and want them shipped to you quickly or want to keep your shipping information a secret, then MSNL Seedbank. What it makes up for germination guarantee it makes up for with quality shipping.

Overall, Weed Seeds Express sounds really good on paper and it has the most potential out of all the seed banks on this list. Sadly, the company is still fairly new to the market so it still has to make a good track record so we can’t feature it until it gets a good reputation.

5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Overall, Herbies Seeds is one of the most modern seed banks on this list and its ability to ship to the US and the UK at amazing speeds makes it a very reliable company. If they just improve their customer service, then they’d be a contender for the featured product on this list.

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