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why doesn t marijuana grow in the wild

Why doesn t marijuana grow in the wild

“I even found a beautiful little plant with purple-tinged buds growing among the yarrow and dandelions in front of a doughnut shop,” he wrote .

A 1972 map showing known locations of wild cannabis in Canada. Photo by National Research Council Press

In Canada, winters are a bit harder on wild cannabis, and the country doesn’t have the same history of large-scale hemp cultivation like in the U.S. Nevertheless, according to a 2002 paper by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada , all of Canada’s 10 provinces can count a few patches of tough, weedy cannabis.


In a viral 2016 YouTube post, travel blogger Gabriel Morris revealed a hillside covered with marijuana plants in the Nepalese Himalayas.

In neighbouring Afghanistan, the ease of growing weed in the local soil (as well as the country’s chaotic political situation) is partially how it became the world’s largest supplier of cannabis in 2010 .

Ditch weed. Feral cannabis. Wild marijuana. If pot has one clear advantage over alcohol, it’s that hikers never stumble into a field of wild beer or feral wine.

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Thickets of cannabis can similarly be found across Asia from Pakistan to China. Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany, a 2013 scientific profile of the plant, even found examples of decorative cannabis being grown alongside a public street in Kunming, China.

Marijuana can be found growing wild throughout northern Pakistan, where an unmolested cannabis bush can grow as high as a one-storey building . As with a lot of the world’s indigenous wild cannabis, however, these plants are generally quite low on THC and have little to no hallucinogenic effect if consumed.

Why doesn t marijuana grow in the wild

To local residents, like Randall Dyke, it was just another weed.

"There was a jungle of it before the eradication," said Trooper Dawson. "Some stalks were as big around as your arm."

"Everybody knew it was here," Mr. Dyke said. "You'd just walk right up and find the stuff." 'They're Not Fishing'