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white runtz seeds

White runtz seeds

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These plants usually reach heights of 1.5-2m and are excellent candidates for cultivation methods such as scrog, SOG or mainlining.

After an initial Sativa wave of creativity, euphoria and happiness, there is a deep, honest, relaxation that produces a pleasant tingling and eventually envelops the whole body.


White Runtz is one of the biggest strains in California right now.

It was created by crossing a very aromatic and exceptionally potent Zkittlez with a long-selected and extremely resinous Gelato.

White Runtz is everything: heavy-hitting, uplifting, calming, medical and always the best choice.

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This balanced hybrid with a slight Indica dominance has an extremely fruity and tropical taste of citrus and sour berries, which is rounded off by a seductive pineapple note.

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Now at Seed City we have brought this amazing first-class strain to the world. We connect you with the brand Anesia seeds, which has 15 years of producing the most popular strains available. This seed bank is from California and Spain, which was a must-have for our seed bank.

Seed City started in 2010 with a group of people passionate about collecting fine cannabis seeds from the rarest strains. Seed City is dedicated to providing excellent service and only high-quality marijuana seeds. The Seed City team is committed to bringing you an outstanding selection of only the best marijuana seeds, low pricing, and discrete delivery worldwide. Our team makes the preservation of marijuana strains a priority so you know you are getting world-class weed seeds.

White Runtz Cannabis Seeds

The flowers from these seeds have a beautiful purple dominated color mixed with green. California is well known for having many sweet weed strains that have surged in popularity globally. We are frequently adding the latest strains from there via cannabis seeds for sale on our seed bank.

Cannabis Strain Potency

Looking for the most popular cannabis strain from California right now? The White Runtz strain has a huge demand for its marijuana seeds right now worldwide. This marijuana strain is a slightly indica dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Gelato with Zkittlez. It has become a favorite in California from the Cookies brand.