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white knight seeds

White knight seeds

Great in landscapes and containers

White Knight is cold tolerant and heat tolerant. He is also a “heavy drinker” and will prefer evenly moist soil. It will be quick to show drought stress, but should bounce back quickly once re-hydrated. In a hanging basket you should be prepared to water often, maybe more than once a day during warm weather. Plants are easier to keep moist when planted in large planters. Due to water needs White Knight is ideal for use in larger planters. In containers an application of continuous release fertilizer at planting is best. To help maximize performance use applications of a well-balanced water-soluble fertilizer (according to package directions) starting in mid-summer.


Masses of fragrant white blooms cover green foliage from planting to hard frost. Very heat tolerant, great in landscapes and containers.


While plants shouldn’t need to be trimmed back, if the plant is taking over your walkway or is looking less than the best a trim can be administered at anytime. Use a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears as needed.


Domestic (Within the US and US territories.)

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