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white guava seeds

White guava seeds

Winter produce came and went and now it’s time to look forward to the spring crop. Hot pakodas will be replaced by a plateful of fresh fruits for in-between-the meals snack time. Guava is one fruit that is a must-pick this season. Guava, known as amrood in Hindi, has been exalted as a super-food providing numerous benefits for healthy skin, body and hair. The nutritious fruit has a floral flavour and can be eaten in raw or ripened form. It has high fibre and water content that keeps a stern check on fat accumulation. The green or yellow-coloured fruit has a juicy and soft pulp inside enclosing a number of small hard seeds.

Why You Should Consume Guava Seeds?

You can also crush Guava seeds and blend them in guava juice or a smoothie

Relieves Constipation –

Ask anyone dealing with high blood pressure, their doctor must have suggested that eating this fruit would help them. Guava seeds contain a humongous amount of potassium (60 percent more than a banana!) which regulates the flow and the pressure of blood in the body.

White guava seeds

Guava seeds are of moderate difficulty to germinate. The most common stumbling block is not allowing enough time to pass for germination as guava seeds routinely need a minimum of 4-6 weeks before any possible germination. Plant seeds 1/4-1/2″ deep in moist, sterile soil. Keep soil temperature consistent at 70-85F. Cool soils will significantly delay seed germination time and soil temperatures below 60-63F will inhibit germination altogether.

The guava is highly adaptable to tropical and subtropical environments and can be grown outdoors as far North as the San Francisco Bay Area in California, as well as most areas of Florida and gulf coast states. Protect from temperatures below 30F, which can cause defoliation. Harder freezes will kill the plant. In cool winter areas, guava’s may partially defoliate, but should begin new growth flushes in spring and summer.

Highly fragrant fruit usually with green or yellow skin, about the size of a baseball, with pink or white flesh. The guava is one of the most common fruits in the world and its sweet pulp is used in a wide assortment of drinks, desserts, and other food products.


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Guava’s can be eaten fresh but are often used to flavor drinks, desserts, sauces, preserves, and many other food products.


Often by seeds, which remain viable for up to a year. Sprouting can take 3-8 weeks. Better varieties are propagated by grafting, air-layering and root cuttings. Warm soil temperature (70-85F) is important in germination.

Estimated germination time under optimal conditions: 4-12 weeks, though occasionally longer. Seeds often show staggered germination.