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white choco seeds

The unmatched taste, effects, and grow performance of the original White Choco strain have been carefully transferred to our White Choco Autoflower cannabis seeds. That means here too, you’ll find all those same great ancestors in the mix, including show stoppers like White Widow, AK-47, and Chocolate Thai. For a special touch, this crossbreed was amped up by adding 10% of prime pedigree ruderalis genetics. That subtle bit of extra does not affect full flavour or the effects associated with non-autoflower White Choco seeds. Still, it makes a big difference from a grower’s perspective. Fungal resistance, fortitude and ability to cope with cold weather have been expanded considerably. The biggest advantage of ordering autoflower cannabis seeds, though, is that you won’t need to time the switch from growth to flowering stage. White Choco Auto can do that all by herself.

When it comes to fast and robust growth, the original White Choco feminized seeds have a fine reputation of themselves. Now, these White Choco Autoflower seeds present even rookie growers the chance to confidently start their own grow, whether indoors or outside. White Choco Autoflower seeds are fully feminized, giving you near-100% certainty of female plants heavy with glistening buds. It’s just pleasant growing when you know the switch from growth to flowering is determined by the plant itself; less hassle guaranteed.


Following the success of our much-prized White Choco seeds, it was only a matter of time before the fans would start asking for White Choco Autoflower seeds. To our relief, we were one step ahead of the community: White Choco Autoflower seeds have been a indoor and outdoor grower favourite for a few years now. The genetics behind this automated legend stem from the happy marriage between the famous parents White Russian x Chocolope. To suit the occasion, we added a whiff of ruderalis genes. The result? It’s all the strong traits you know from White Choco – sprinkled with an added dash of extra growing ease!

Medicinal Potential

When it comes to medicinal applications, there is similar agreement on the similarities. To many fans, White Choco Autoflower is every bit as much a go-to strain for managing depression, but she’s a prime candidate for analgesic effects too. Stress and tension tend to have a hard time sticking around when White Choco Autoflower spreads her cheer. That presents an impressive range of possibilities for any growers willing to try the medical potential of White Choco cannabis seeds with minimum effort.

9 weken bloeien volgens de zaadboer, 11 weken volgens mijn.

Hi Jack! Thank you so much for your kind words. We’d love to receive any pictures of the grow per e-mail, if you have some.

White Choco feminized cannabis seeds have a comfortably brief 9-week flowering time. That makes them very practical for outdoor grows in northern climes, with harvests coming in just before the rain and fog creep in at summer’s end. Indoors is where she really starts to shine, however: yields between 400 and 600g per m² are no exception. Given enough sunshine, White Choco can thrive in the open air, too, promising up to half a kilo of compact, dark green nugs for those who know how to treat her right. Indoor height is well-suited for most grow tents at about 1.20 to 1.50m. Outdoor conditions could lift her up to anywhere between 2 and 3m, making her a prolific candidate for training techniques that spread her potential for maximum sun absorption. Popular demand led us to create a White Choco Autoflower strain too for added grow convenience.


jack wanin – 07/10/2019

​Dit verslag wordt vanuit extra kritisch oogpunt geschreven. Van begin af aan heb ik hoge verwachtingen voor dit soortje!! White choco is de wiet waar ik als Rotterdammert al zo’n 10 jaar voor naar de hoofdstad rijd op ze tijd.
Komt er toch nog wat goeds uit Amsterdam hehe​​​

In terms of taste, White Choco is a special plant indeed. Think full, rich chocolate flavour paired with a peppery, spicy undertone for added excitement. The scent is seductively sweet. This is a defining tone in the bouquet of Amsterdam… White Choco is sure to bring back cherished holiday memories for many – she’s a seed souvenir par excellence.

Flavour & Aroma

i was distinguishing WC with strawberry cough but i found White Choco has no alternate its unmatchable. YO.

White Choco cannabis seeds have been recommended to assuage stress, depression, anxiety, and bleak moods triggered by rainy days. Uniquely, she manages to pair these cerebral mood lifts with somatic effects. Pain relief is the main bodily application, although in higher doses, she has been reported to help staunch night owls and insomniacs improve their sleep as well. This may well be due to the entourage effect of the tasty terpenes, 1.8% CBN, and .5% CBD she embodies. White Choco is also used to increase appetite – a fitting purpose for a flower named after chocolate.