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Shop HolistaPet CBD pet products like dog & cat treats, tinctures, capsules and more. Free Shipping! Shop with trusted CBD Store Green Wellness today Wondering where you can buy HolistaPet CBD pet products? We have a list of places and recommendations on which places are best to purchase.


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About HolistaPet
HolistaPet was founded in 2016, but the founders had actually been working on their product line since 2004. HolistaPet was founded by a group of health-conscious wellness enthusiasts who collectively brought over 25 years of combined organic food industry experience to the table.

HolistaPet products were designed from the ground up to nurture the well-being of all pets and provide additional comfort when needed. HolistaPet has made it their mission to fill the market void for a lack of health-conscious plant-based cannabis products for pets. HolistaPet products aren’t just “CBD for pets”. HolistaPet products contain unique superfood ingredients that are designed to fill your pets needs.

HolistaPet has made it their mission to stop homeostatic imbalances caused by modern-day medication. HolistaPet aims to provide balance, stability, and equilibrium to all pets through unique formulas of natural, healthy ingredients. HolistaPet is one of the most trusted brands in the pet care industry. We love their products and we think you will too.

What HolistaPet CBD Products Does Green Wellness Life Sell?
Green Wellness Life offers an array of four different HolistaPet products. The CBD pet capsules can be mixed into your pets food. The CBD oil tincture for dogs and cats can be dropped directly into your furry friend’s mouth. We also carry HolistaPet’s CBD dog and cat treats. The Cat treats are salmon flavored. The dog treats are available in three different flavors (pumpkin spice & cinnamon, green apple & peanut butter, and blueberry & sweet potato). The three different treat flavors have different benefits. Blueberry and sweet potato is designed to promote heart and immune care. Pumpkin spice and cinnamon is designed for joint and mobility care, and green apple and peanut butter meant to help with stress and anxiety relief.

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Why Choose HolistaPet CBD Products For Your Dogs & Cats?
HolistaPet goes above and beyond creating CBD products for pets. All HolistaPet CBD products include additional all-natural ingredients designed to aid in promoting your pet’s overall health with added vitamins and minerals. Giving your pet the opportunity to regularly consume naturally occurring superfoods could lower the risk of developing certain illnesses. There are no dairy, animal products, refined sugars, or preservatives added to HolistaPet products. All HolistaPet products are also independently lab-tested to ensure safety and effectiveness. You want the best for your pet and HolstiaPet does too. If you’re in the market for products that will improve your pet’s wellness and provide some added comfort, a HolistaPet CBD product may be just what you’re looking for.

Where to Buy HolistaPet

If you’re wondering where to buy HolistaPet, you’re in luck. This article will help you. At Dog Ownership Guide, we know that HolistaPet is a preferred supplied of spectrum CBD oil for dogs and we want to make sure you purchase their high quality products at the best places.

Why Buy HolistaPet CBD Products

HolistaPet is one of the best places to buy high quality CBD pet products. They source their hemp plants, hemp seed powder, and hemp seed oil from a farm in Colorado. All of their CBD dog treats are organic and made with natural ingredients, such as peanut butter and superfoods.

CBD products made from a hemp plant, hemp seed powder and hemp seed oil will not cause your dog to get “high” or “intoxicated”. CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which is the powerhouse for many parts of the body. This is why research in CBD for dogs and humans has found that it can effectively help with immune care, digestive issues, joint pain, anxiety, and much more.

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All pet owners should discuss the use of CBD pet tinctures and other CBD pet products with their dog’s veterinarian before starting.

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