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when to use weed and feed after seeding

When to use weed and feed after seeding

Before you plant grass seed, you should always prepare the area by removing any weeds that may be growing in the location. Even with careful preparation of the planting site, weeds can still develop among the newly planted grass seed. Weed killers, however, can harm grass seeds and seedlings if applied too early or improperly.

Application Timing

Weed management should be completed before seeding the lawn with a non-selective herbicide seven to 14 days before you till the soil. A second application of the herbicide may be required to kill any weeds you missed during the first treatment. Wait another seven days until tilling the soil if a second application is used.

Weed Control after Seeding

Some pre-emergent herbicides can safely be used during seeding and usually come mixed with a seed starter. These products have the active ingredient Siduron – also known as Tupersan – that works by suppressing weed seeds while improving root development of the new grass. The fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide mix is applied with a drop or rotary spreader using a rate of 2 1/2 pounds per 1,000 square feet. The spreader setting and actual application depends on the brand of starter fertilizer plus weed control you use, and you should always follow the instructions found on the label.

When to use weed and feed after seeding

I live in a 5b zone–just aerated, fertilized, and overseeded this weekend. Can I use weed-control winterizer in a couple weeks (before the winter snow), or should I wait until spring before spreading weed-control?

-In Feb/March when soil thaws and soil temperature is in the 50's, apply a pre emergent (preferably without fertilizer) to help keep weeds from growing.

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Excellent advice–thank you!