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what is the best light schedule for growing weed

What is the best light schedule for growing weed

12/12 is usually used for the flowering stage of photoperiodic plants, or for those growing both autos and photos in the same growing space.

If you want to avoid this, you can apply light deprivation techniques, this consists of using a black tarp to prevent light from reaching your cannabis plants.

Even though autoflowering marijuana can flower properly all year long, it can slightly improve the quality and yield of your harvest.

Light cycle for photoperiodic and autoflowering cannabis plants

Your cannabis plants can also get weak and have a higher chance of being attacked by pests or diseases. To avoid this, always plan ahead when growing outdoors and get informed of how the seasons are in your city, including not only the amount of light but also humidity and temperature.

18/6 is the most common schedule amongst autoflower growers because it provides enough illumination for good plant growth, allows them to rest and it doesn’t end up being very expensive such as the next schedules you’ll read about.

Autoflowering Plants

Most growers using this schedule leave the light on at night which is usually colder and off during the 6 hotter hours of the day, allowing you to save up to 25% electricity while keeping the growing conditions on point.

For autoflowering cannabis plants, there’s actually not much to do. They flower from seed in a vegetative light cycle, by providing an 18/6 cycle from seed, your cannabis plants will go through all their cycle: seedling, vegetative, and flowering stage without having to change anything other than the nutrients mix (if it’s required).

What is the best light schedule for growing weed

Just remember that all cannabis plants are different and what works for one specific plant may not result in the same plant growth and yields with another one, this is because the following elements will directly affect plant growth:

As you may know, when growing indoors we are responsible for maintaining all the elements of the environment, in the beginning, it can be a little bit hard but when we get more experienced it can have various advantages.

Light is extremely important for plants in the vegetative phase because it’s what they use to photosynthesize and grow sturdy and healthy, so if they get more light, the more and better they grow.

If you are still new to growing cannabis and want to guarantee your harvest, start with an 18/6 light schedule, and after you get a little bit of experience, it will be easier to read your plant’s signs and you can start experimenting with other light schedules.

Autoflowering Plants

And, as fall approaches the sun is closer and as a result, your plants will get more of the red spectrum which promotes stretching and bud production; this means that by keeping track of the spectrum throughout the seasons you can plan your grow cycle to get the best plant growth possible, using the different spectrum to control how your plants grow.

Adjusting and controlling them closely is the best way to provide ideal conditions for your plants to grow but if you’re looking to get the most out of every single plant you should adjust the growing conditions according to how your plants react, and this can even happen with plants from the same seed pack because, as mentioned, all plants are different.

Like we said above, photoperiodic cannabis depends solely on the amount of light and darkness to start flowering, which can be tricky for new growers outdoors but when growing indoors, we are in full control of everything, including the light schedule.

Photoperiodic Plants

Autoflowering cannabis will flower independently of the amount of darkness they get. Obviously, giving them too little light like a 5/19 light schedule will make them seriously underdevelop but they will flower either less.

Note: Have in mind the information above is exclusive to California, you should get information about how is it in your area. That information can easily be found on the internet.