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what is the best led grow light for weed

What is the best led grow light for weed

Our plants growing under two Electric Sky 300 LED grow lights

You want to use the most cutting-edge indoor cannabis grow lights with a customized spectrum of light

Each model is different based on the size of its bulbs and the lenses used to reflect light down. It’s important to ask the manufacturer how far to keep LEDs from your plants. Smaller LEDs with 1W chips almost always need to be kept at least 12″ away. However, most LEDs with 3W chips or bigger need to be kept 18″ away or more to get the best results and prevent light burn. Check with the manufacturer to figure out the right distance for your particular model of LED grow light. How can there be too much light if the heat is under control?


Breakdown of Most Popular HLG LED Models:

How Far to Keep from Plants: 10-12″ away

3 Main Types of LED Grow Lights

HLG 550 Quantum Board (R-Spec spectrum recommended)

Introduction – LEDs on average yield 0.5 to 1g/watt (of actual power draw

What is the best led grow light for weed

To that end, I’ve narrowed the choices on Amazon down to the 6 best LED grow light series on the market. These lights give you the best results for a reasonable cost. I have not included any of the prohibitively expensive lights, nor any of the dirt cheap ones.

Best LED Grow Light: Comparison Table

If you’re in the market for an LED light, I’m sure you’ve been doing your research and have come across a number of these cheap grow light fixtures. Those will not grow a plant, much less flower cannabis plants. LEDs like that are not a good choice and a huge waste of money.

Top LED Grow Lights On The Market: Final Thoughts

Sunlight, for example, contains a ton of yellow and green light. Yes, it works well to grow plants, but that’s because it also contains the red and blue wavelengths plants need. All the other colors go to waste. Since the sun provides an unlimited supply of light, it doesn’t really matter that so much of it goes to wast.