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what equipment do i need to grow cannabis indoors

What equipment do i need to grow cannabis indoors

In a small grow tent, the whole area of the tent will likely be taken up by your plants. In a large grow tent or other grow space, part of the area will be taken up by plants and part will be aisles for you to get in and tend to those plants.

And this means giving your plants the perfect conditions.

A Suitable Space

There are two seed banks we recommend. The first one is our favorite place to buy weed seeds, but they only ship to the US and Australia. The second ships worldwide.

Highly Recommended For Indoor Marijuana Grow

If you need to adjust pH, use pH-up and pH-down solutions. Follow the instruction on the bottles.

What equipment do i need to grow cannabis indoors

Take the grow space of your room or tent and divide it by 50-75 w's to get the watts by square foot needed. But what type of lights should you get?

Industrial grow houses can support hundreds of plants on automated racks and trays as they advance in size. Industrial grow rooms also require a lot of upkeep. Warehouse1 can help provide equipment and a space-saving design for your commercial grow room.

A growing medium is what you are growing your cannabis roots in. It could be soil, coco coir, mineral wool, perlite, sphagnum, water, vermiculite, hardened expanded clay, and so on. Each medium has it's pros and cons. Do plenty of research and find what works best for you.

Drying Equipment

There are rooms to mother the plant and develop clones, before they’re hung in dry rooms that have micro-controlled heat and humidity. Large scale buildings also have clean rooms to trim buds, weigh, and package them.

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Mobile aisle shelving is good for grow rooms as well, as it increases your storage space by 50%. With this system, aisles are opened for item access one at a time. Just turn the handle at the end of each row to open up the aisle and grab what you need off the shelves.

Grow Room Equipment Checklist

A grow tent has a sturdy frame made of metal poles and a covering to reflect light back to the plants while not letting it escape to other areas. The covering slides over the poles to complete the tent. It has zippers, and there are ports for ducting, electric cables, and grow equipment.

For your packaging, having a mobile or stationary security cart and shipping packaging benches can help. Warehouse1 can help you choose carts that are best for your space.