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what are regular cannabis seeds

What are regular cannabis seeds

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However, in their genome they do have a big difference, and that is that feminized seeds only contain female chromosomes (XX). This is so because to create 100% female seeds it is necessary to pollinate a female with another female, that is, (XX) x (XX).

To know the breeding quality of a male cannabis plant there is only one way, to check the level of its offspring. On the other hand, when you cross 2 mother plants that you have already used to smoke you already know their qualities both in the crop and in the final product, so when you make feminized seeds it is easier to guess the result of the crossing.

Advantages of regular seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds have gradually displaced regular seeds as favorites in many countries. This is because these types of seeds offer certain advantages over normal or standard seeds. In this article we will take a look at the differences between them, why some are better for certain situations, and how to know which one to choose, do you feel like it? Well, let’s go see them…

The only difference is that from a feminized seed only female specimens should come out, while from a regular seed both female and male or even intersex or hermaphrodite can come out.

⚠️ What is the difference between regular and feminized cannabis seeds?

Hermaphrodite feminized seeds can also be found, but this is due to a bad choice of parents in the breeding of the variety, therefore, can we say that feminized seeds are good?

It is important to know the level of stress they are capable of withstanding, as this is another quality they will transmit to their offspring, but feminized plants that are sexually stable, that withstand high levels of hydric, light, thermal stress, etc. are as good at creating seeds as stable regular ones.

What are regular cannabis seeds

I love growing weed. Only buy regular seeds. Like to create new hybrids. WOULD BE VERY SAD if sensi seeds stops selling them!

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We have quite often been asked if it’s possible to do all the things that can be done with regular cannabis seeds using feminized seeds.

I like feminized seeds but I have used regular seeds and they both grow just as well and have the same potency. Some people like feminized over regular seeds but it doesn’t make a difference except that you might get a male instead of a female but you can use that male to get hundreds more seeds and cross breed them with other plants and get different types of plants. Thank You.

If you need any strains wich is well adaptet for Scandinavian clima, I have some strains form back in 1980`tees or earlyer, please let me know.. I would love to se `my` strains in your shop, for the bennefit off growers i `Cold` clima..

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Been growing for oever 40 years…regular seeds were the mainstay for years..but I really do like feminized and for the very first time I tried an auto flower…I was impressed to say the least. I know regular seeds have to remain to keep diversity alive but feminized and auto flower are a boon to some .

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