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weeds growing in mulch reddit

Weeds growing in mulch reddit

I put some mulch down last summer to prevent weeds from growing but still ended up having a ton of weeds growing through the mulch. I was thinking of putting landscaping tarp underneath but I've read that its pointless and has to be replaced after a couple years.

but I think it's unrealistic to expect no weeds at all, but the mulch will prevent some so you have to do less weeding.

When you say turn over do you mean mixing the old mulch with the soil then laying new mulch down ?

Weeds growing in mulch reddit

I guess something went awry but a million tiny weeds have germinated in my shade garden. There is still a reasonable amount of mulch so hoeing just mixes the weeds into the mulch without killing them. Besides weeding everything by hand, do y’all have any suggestions? I’m considering laying newspaper and more mulch on top.

Also, sounds, like your mulch might have seeds in it.

I'm not sure if your area is fairly dry, but when I've done cardboard and mulch it just ends up having a bunch of grass growing in the mulch the next year. It didn't really seem worth the effort vs just mulching and hoeing out the plants I didn't want.