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weed seeds online uk

Weed seeds online uk

If you’re new to buying marijuana seeds online in the UK, this site might be for you. The beginner’s guide to cannabis seeds and simple mix packs at this bank are designed to take the headache out of choosing your first seeds.

As you may have guessed, there’s loads to choose from at MOC. This site has more than earned its place on this list thanks to its quality and variety. Superior-quality cannabis seeds are available as regular, autoflowering or feminized varieties.

While the 80% germination rate is a little lower than MSNL, it’s great to see a company being honest with their customers. Discrete packaging is used for all shipments and free delivery is offered on orders over £150. If customers stretch to £310, free seeds are thrown in too. There’s plenty of choice for how you pay. Visitors can buy with a debit card, bitcoin or Interac.

Why We Love MOC

Picky customers will be pleased to know that there’s a fair bit of choice for how you pay for your seeds. Credit & debit cards, bitcoin, bank transfers and even cash can be used to make payments. Each payment method comes with its own set of pros and cons, so it’s worth checking out MSNL’s payment page for more details.

One of the best seed banks that ship to UK customers, MSNL has been around for decades. The main thing that sets these guys apart is their dedication to innovative new cultivation and breeding techniques. The selection here is strong, but comparatively small. What you lose in choice, you definitely gain in quality.

Marijuana Seeds and Overview

The nature of packages containing marijuana seeds means that they run the risk of being intercepted at customs. Some sites offer to resend orders when this happens, others don’t. Double check the ‘resend’ policy of any site you visit to avoid disappointment.

Conceived by medical marijuana advocate, Carly Barton, the cancard scheme gives citizens with a valid medical condition discretionary exemption from laws regarding consumption. Show a police officer your cancard and that small amount of weed shouldn’t be a problem.



I personally chose strains that were easy to grow, with low maintenance, that could be grown outdoors. For the marijuana seeds that you buy, you’ll want to take into account where you’re going to grow it, how long your growing season is, and how much weed you intend to produce. Then, once you know those three facts, it’s time to decide on the level of THC you want.

What Marijuana Strain Should I Grow in the UK?