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weed growing problems

Weed growing problems

Note that if you are getting close to harvest, your fan leaves will naturally turn yellow as the buds will pull the nitrogen out of them for one last boost in growth, which is completely normal and nothing to worry about!

As soon as you spot this issue, raise your lights 6 inches to 1 foot higher. How close your lights should be is always determined by their strength and the stage the plants are in. Be sure to look at the manual your light came with as it will always explain the ideal distances for that specific light.

Nitrogen Deficiency & Toxicity

While not as common as the previous issues, this pest is definitely one of the most damaging and difficult to deal with. If you don’t catch these guys early on, there is a good chance you won’t be able to get rid of them. That is why it is so important to always monitor your plants and to comb through them every couple of days so you can spot pests and other issues as early on as possible.

When there is not enough potassium in the plants system, the leaves will begin to turn a bright yellow and will die. This is easily fixed by first checking to make sure you’re using the correct pH. If you are, then you’ll want to add a nutrient into the mix that is high in N.

Light Burn

It will be hard to see this best with the naked eye so I recommend using the same tool you use for looking at trichomes as that will be perfect for zooming in on them. The mites will look like similar to spiders and will be crawling around nibbling on your leaves.

Weed growing problems

Heat stress dramatically slows down growth and buds don’t fatten as much as they could

Too high light levels will cause light burn

Step 3: Check Environment

What to Do: Get a temperature and humidity monitor. Control heat by whatever means necessary and keep humidity in check using the steps outlined below.

When growing in soil, bugs are a common pest to marijuana gardens. At, we believe that growing marijuana in coco is often simpler for beginners because it automatically eliminates many of the bug problems growers run into when growing in soil, while achieving faster growth.

This cannabis was put outside too early in the year, causing it to re-vegetate with strainge twisted growth

Fungus gnats are another common cannabis pest. They look like tiny flies buzzing around the soil and are the result of overwatering.