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weed growing in fish tank

Weed growing in fish tank

I have a big fish tank in my home office that is about 5 feet away from the door to my walk in closet which houses my grow tents.

Last night, as I was changing out the tank water which I do daily (fanatical with the water and it's perfect ph etc always) and I wondered as I removing the water if I could use the fish tank water to water cannabis?

I did a bit of googling and it is a thing in all honesty and some growers swear by it.

Weed growing in fish tank

The fishes respire and thrive by taking in and releasing pure oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively. The food that you supply to the fishes in the aquarium keeps the aquaponic environment completely toxin-free. Talking about nutrient feed for your aquaponic system, you only have to buy fish food and organic fertilizers for the clay pebble bed.

However, hydroponics poses its own set of challenges, and the grower might struggle to monitor the key grow elements. So, having prior experience of hydroponic farming goes a long way in enabling you to monitor the grow environment effectively. Nevertheless, as a first-timer, you’ll have greater leeway over hydroponic cultivation, if you take advantage of Aquaponics.

Bacteria convert the waste produced by fish into plant nutrients while the cannabis roots filter the water for the fish. So, when you grow weed by making the most of aquaponics, you get the best of both worlds.

Handsome returns

If you’re an advocate of eco-friendly and sustainable methods of farming, then you’ll surely support the cultivation of weed using aquaponics. Aquaponic agriculture is as organic as it can get-you do away with chemical-laced nutrients, and exclusively use environment-friendly resources. You can look forward to a bumper crop by exploiting minimal resources, and without spending tons of money.

You will not come across a more sustainable farming method with regards to harvesting cannabis. The aquaponic method of growing cannabis serves as the perfect embodiment of a self-sustaining ecosystem. The fishes generate the raw material out of which the biofilter manufactures the nutrients for consumption by plants.

How to Grow Weed in a Fish Tank Tutorial

An aquaponic system can function efficiently with a very little quantity, compared to other agricultural methods. Since you need to recirculate water in the fish-tank periodically, actual water needed for operating the system is very less.

The aquarium, fishes, bacteria (Biofilter), and cannabis plants constitute the main elements of your weed aquaponics system. The fish-tank or aquarium serves as the habitat for the elements of the aquaponic ecosystem. Depending on your financial capacity and your experience, you can go for a large or small setup.