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weed growing guide app

Start growing and learn through the process. It doesn’t matter if your plant comes from an automatic, feminized or regular seed; or if you are growing indoors or outdoors, Grow with Jane has advice tailored for each plant and grower.

Use the plant planner & plant journal features of Jane and easily set plant reminders to water or feed your plant. Don’t ever wonder why your plant failed to grow as you planned.
Manage the growth smartly and plan everything with plant reminders and turn each of your plant growing into success.

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Weed growing guide app

Grower Helper is thought to be a direct competitor to Grow With Jane and GrowBuddy. Although it is also a tracker app, it focuses more on tracking and reminding you of every minute task related to growing your marijuana. If you feel that some of the other apps are a bit too much, you may like Grower Helper instead.

Similar to GrowBuddy and GWJ, EZGro’s GroBase is a grow journal app but with a bit more focus on organizing various aspects of your growing operation to make it more efficient. It can also be used for almost any kind of plant, not just marijuana.


Like they say, “there’s an app for everything” so why shouldn’t there be one for growing cannabis? As expected, there are a lot since marijuana is big business and on its way to becoming completely legal in the US. However, app stores, especially Google’s Play Store, are littered with marijuana apps that offer little to no value while some are even scams.

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Grow With Jane is an app that helps growers track their plant’s growth and all growing activity. By logging your growing data, its analytics feature can generate valuable insights that can help guide your growing journey. It also has other tools like various unit converters and calculators that growers typically use and provide you with useful information relevant to every stage of your plant’s growth. You can also upload your plant’s progress and connect with other users for advice.