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weed growing classes

Weed growing classes

As Deputy Director of NORML Canada—the nation’s longest-standing cannabis reform advocacy non-profit—I believe it is of utmost importance that relevant, ethical, high standard resources are available in our communities order to create and maintain a healthy cannabis industry. As a member of the Program Advisory Committee in consultation with the Centennial College Cannabis Cultivation and Processing program, I can attest that this program is devised based on the input from a diverse set of industry experts. This Centennial College program is geared to those who wish to learn about cannabis cultivation, and will empower students with the knowledge and skills to enter the legal cannabis industry."

-Abigail Sampson, Board Member, NICHE Canada, Program Advisory Committee participant to Centennial College

Employment Opportunities

"The centennial cultivation and processing program was an amazing learning experience. After being in cannabis culture for decades, I still found great value in the content provided by the program. The program is structured well, introducing students to the historical, cultural and legal components of cannabis, before delving deep into cultivation and processing concepts for a comprehensive offering. The program delivers theory and practicality simultaneously, as students participate in internships at licensed commercial cannabis facilities while doing class work. Learning how legal cannabis facilities are operated and the connections developed within that environment were invaluable to me, and I found the instructors and facility staff to be great, friendly and open resources to lean upon. I would highly recommend the Centennial College Cannabis Cultivation and Processing program to anyone searching for greater knowledge about cannabis and the legal cannabis industry."

Students must be 19 years or older.

Steps to Help you Apply

Employment opportunities in this industry are growing. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to work as a cultivation technician, production technician, operations assistant, marketing assistant, and sanitation technician.

Weed growing classes

The use of cultivated and wild plants in medicines and health products according to Eastern and Western medical traditions. Consideration of herbal medicine use from ancient times to the present, important medicinal chemicals produced by plants, and the evaluation of plant chemical products as potential human medicines.

For estimated tuition and fees for students seeking academic credit, see Illinois Online.

The online Cannabis Certificate is designed to provide students with an understanding of the cannabis classification system, including subspecies and varieties, and proper management practices for target compounds and products.

Basic principles of plant growth and development as they apply to the production, marketing, and utilization of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

Medical Plants and Herbology

The Cannabis Production and Management Certificate is not eligible for tuition waivers.

Use the form below to express your interest in pursuing a certificate. Once accepted, you will receive an email with further instructions for registration.

The Cannabis Certificate program will help you build a foundation of cannabis production skills from classification to physiology to production management.

Certificate Completion

‚ÄčAll course credits from the Certificate Program are transferable academic credits from the Certificate Program.

Designed to provide students with an understanding of the cannabis classification system and proper management practices for target compounds and products. Understanding cannabis biology and taxonomic classification is critical for proper management practices for the production of essential oils, psychoactive compounds, fiber, and seed oil and protein, and applications of those products. Discrepancies between scientific and vernacular names of cannabis and the inconsistency of vernacular names mislead producers and consumers. This course will discuss the taxonomy and vernacular nomenclature of cannabis and cannabis biology will be discussed based on individual subspecies. The subspecies classification will be necessary for proper management practices and harvesting of target compounds and products.