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weed grow tracker

Weed grow tracker

Sensaphone systems automatically record dozens of environmental data points, dates and times that you can view, graph, and print. This data is useful for identifying patterns and trends in environmental conditions. You can also get insight into larger issues and take fast corrective action before they turn into catastrophes.

For more than 30 years, Sensaphone has been providing remote monitoring devices, auto dialers and sensors for growing facilities. These devices detect extreme temperature fluctuations, frost, frozen irrigation lines, and heater and fan failures. If any condition falls outside of your preset range, the device immediately sends an alert by phone, email or text.

Cannabis plants need extremely specific environmental conditions to thrive. Tiny changes in temperature or humidity can impact their potency and growth. For that reason, many cannabis growers raise their crops in controlled environments to maintain optimal growing conditions. But cannabis plants require even more protection.

Get notified when environmental changes threaten your valuable plants

All data can be viewed at any time on the Sensaphone website. No software is required. You can view the status of multiple locations, access trending reports, check specific equipment status and review alarm history.

Return On Investment

Easy Data Logging, Reporting and Status Check

Remote monitoring systems provide an extra line of defense by continuously monitoring your growing facility. They ensure optimal conditions and notify you of threats:

Weed grow tracker

Whether you have 2 plants or 2000, there is a lot of data floating around your grow. We help you use that data to gain insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Because your trust is important to us, we stay on the cutting edge of security. We are commited to keeping you and your data anonymous and secure.

Data Insight

Every decision we make, must benefit growers first. That is our promise to you. Our business is to connect the cultivation community and help you grow better.

From your garden or around the world, you can easily manage or check the status of your grow. Securely synced between your phone, tablet and desktop.

Anonymous, Secured