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weed grow time lapse seed to harvest

Weed grow time lapse seed to harvest

Yet another video from fuzzy grow – but it’s just so easy to get lost in his collection. This time we see the deep blues and purples from Cheese and White widow coming to life.

​Now it’s time to get into a massive grow project within a greenhouse, and it’s just like watching a forest come to life.

​Not much detail here, just a simple homemade grow vid to look and appreciate.

​From seed to ​full growth – this plant is absolutely monstrous! Rumor has it they harvest 1/2 pound just from this one plant. I am in awe.

This first gorgeous video is from reddit /r/microgrowery, and shows a 2 month flowering timelapse of Critical Kush from fuzzy grow (a long time member known for his beautiful time lapse grow videos).

​There’s just something ​fascinating about watching nature unfold into big, beautiful buds. So we collected our favorite time-lapse videos featuring flower​ over the course of their lives. Watch, enjoy, and be a little bit jealous of the internets best grow vids.

​We’ve covered single plants to massive grows, and now we go microscopic. We highly recommend you roll a joint before enduring on this ​micro level timelapse journey. The only thing missing is narration from David Attenborough.

Weed grow time lapse seed to harvest

The best taste comes from organic growing, but the use of hydroponics allows the experienced grower to push these classic cannabis genetics right to their limit. Auto Mazar seeds are equally at home indoors as well as outdoors.

Auto Banana Blaze is a good auto to grow in the natural way, no special grow techniques are necessary to get the best out of this lady!

The high powered anti-anxiety high combines with a mouth watering zesty flavour of freshly picked citrus fruit. Home grown cannabis simply doesn’t get much better than this! Auto Orange Bud is just as easy to grow as the rest of the Dutch Passion autoflower strains. Expect a straightforward, easy grow and a harvest around 10-11 weeks after seed germination.

Auto Glueberry OG seeds suit the grower with the space to accommodate her tendency to grow tall and wide. She responds well to LST and training if you need to control her growth. In the right hands this strain is superior to most high-performance photoperiod strains in terms of yield and potency

Auto Mazar time lapse video

Auto Orange Bud is part of the exclusive Dutch Passion Extremely High THC seed collection. This is reserved only for those exceptional strains which can approach 25% THC in good grow conditions. On top of that you get to enjoy the world famous original tangy Orange Bud taste of Mandarin and Orange.

Another member of the elite Extremely High THC seed collection, Auto Lemon Kix is one of the most potent autoflower strains currently available. The mind-numbingly powerful THC levels suit the more experienced cannabis user aiming for maximum potency.

Forest Dream is an outdoor variety developed in The Netherlands for growers with climates similar to the Northern European average. She is often ready to harvest in early October and uses robust, proven sativa genetics.

Auto Banana Blaze time lapse video

In terms of grow latitude, Passion Fruit can handle cooler temperatures well. Cool night temperatures can produce some beautiful autumnal blue/purple hues in the buds and leaves. Not only does this increase bag appeal, this can also increase resin levels making her even more potent and sticky!

With independent laboratory measured THC levels of over 25%, Auto Cinderella Jack is quite possibly the world’s strongest autoflower. A perfect choice for any grower wanting a guaranteed killer harvest of insanely potent buds.