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weed grow room ventilation

Weed grow room ventilation

And, of course, it’s possible to install BOTH the fan and the filter outside the grow box if it’s too small for anything but a light bulb.

The negative pressure forces the fresh air to be sucked inside through a vent in the bottom part of the tent. Just make sure that this vent isn’t too small for your ventilation system, and you’ll be okay.

Attention! Ventilation ducts should never exceed the maximum allowed length of 8ft (

Sometimes, you will use ducts to connect grow tent fans, hoods, and filters to each other. However, in smaller setups and when venting your grow tent into the same room, you can do without ducts and connect all parts directly to each other. But you can’t avoid using them if you’re venting your grow tent out a window, a dryer vent, into the attic, or outside.

Carbon Filter

1 cfm = 0.0283 m 3 /min = 1.699 m 3 /h

We have looked at some commercially available solutions complete with grow tent ventilation kits to see what extractor fans the manufacturer has chosen.

Some beginner growers choose to cultivate only a plant or two in a closet or a small tent, don’t use powerful lights, and rely on passive ventilation.

Intake Fan

Let’s start with the simplest solutions, namely computer case fans. They are surprisingly efficient and can be used for different micro grows, like space buckets, PC case grows, and small closets with CFL lights. The drawback of case fans is that it’s difficult to use them with carbon filters (unless you make a DIY filter yourself).

This will be our baseline number and will give your plants enough CO2 for photosynthesis. However, we should also think about the other function of ventilation in a grow room: the removal of excess heat and humidity.

Weed grow room ventilation

It is important to distinguish between conventional inline extractors – that are actually fans with blades – and industrial fans (RVK, Prima Klima ) which are industrial turbines much more efficient than the former. The difference in the airflow capacity (m3/h) between these two types of fans is enormous!

The air intraction system of a cannabis growroom

Clip fan attached to reflector

Which fan should I use inside my growing space?

Activated carbon filters attached to extraction fans eliminate odours from our plants