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weed grow lights for sale

Weed grow lights for sale

Its VEG and FLOWER switches come with a high-speed fan and aluminum heat sinks for better cooling. It’s the ideal LED light for 4.5’ x 4’ gardens. Enjoy a 5-year warranty and 90-day satisfaction or return guarantee.

Its Super Lumens feature delivers a lighting boost when needed. Bulbs can be dimmed from 50 to 100% of the power.

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The system’s signature LED bead and zener design ensures your plants get the proper amount of light, even if one bulb is not working. The Galaxyhydro offers higher PAR value and Lumen outputs than similar grow lights. Enjoy a 30-month warranty for peace of mind.

9. Philzon 2020 Pro Series LED Grow Light

Sun System brings you this compact HID light fixture, perfect for small spaces. Its 150-watt HPS bulb can produce an incredible 16000 lumens. Reflective aluminum inserts provide exceptional lighting while vented housing reduces the heat produced by the bulbs.

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For high light output at an affordable cost, check out Durolux’s T5 grow light. It offers 30% more light output than its competitors. This 4-foot 8-lamp fluorescent grow light is easy to set up. Just plug in and start growing. It’s that easy.

3. Gavita Pro 6/750E Marijuana Grow Lights

These cannabis grow kits come with either one HPS bulb or an HPS and MH bulb. The air cool hood reflector features 6” duct ports on each side for ultimate cooling with a small fan (not included).

Cannabis grow lights are a critical factor in any indoor garden. Lights stimulate photosynthesis for healthy plant development and growth. Choosing one that fits your budget and indoor needs can be difficult.

Weed grow lights for sale

Growstar 300W UFO LED Grow Light

For example, you can find an affordable HID light that you can use to develop your ganja plant from a seedling to a bud-laden tree. However, they tend to burn out quickly.

Fluorescent Lights

This grow light has no water resistance. While this isn’t a problem in most cases, there is always a risk of it shorting out because of high humidity or accidental water damage. Thankfully, it is covered by a 24-month warranty.

This Sun System light fixture features a state-of-the-art Galaxy digital ballast that draws way less power than what a magnetic ballast does. The ballast can operate both MH and HPS bulbs and can run at either 200w or 400w. This gives you lots of flexibility because you can switch out the included bulb with one that better suits your needs.

Best Cheap Grow Lights: Quick Product Comparison Chart


Weed grow lights for sale

Loud fans and moisture issues are a thing of the past. SF lights are low-heat and moisture-resistant, so you can focus more on your plants’ health and less on your lights.

Even the nicest grow lights sometimes don’t play well together, and it’s super common to have to adjust every single light individually. It’s a tedious task, and it’s completely unnecessary. Spider Farmer is one of the few companies with the option to daisy-chain multiple lights together into one control module, allowing you to adjust growing conditions both quickly and accurately.

For cannabis growers, lights are a serious investment, whether you’re an established producer hoping to upgrade or a novice buying your first home-grow kit. Better lights can mean lower energy costs, more time to tend your crop, and above all, better harvests. The good news: Your dream setup may be closer than you think.

Don’t start penciling out your lighting budget until you get to know Spider Farmer, the cannabis industry’s secret weapon for thriving crops, high margins, and low costs. It’s possible you can get your next upgrade for less money than your current system.

Supremely sturdy

Technology has progressed really quickly in this space, so if you’re still using a clunky old light, you can’t afford not to upgrade. According to Greenhouse Product News, upgrading to modern LED lights like Spider Farmer’s SF series can save you more than 50 percent in energy costs compared to older high pressure sodium lamps.

Cannabis grow light manufacturer Spider Farmer is a top-quality, game-changing lighting manufacturer. Their lighting rigs are scalable, energy-efficient, and are less than half the price of most of the biggest brands.

Spider Farmer’s full-spectrum LED lights aren’t just more efficient—they’re crucial for making sure your crops have all the light they need throughout the grow cycle. Warm white light makes blooms fuller and more vivid. Blue light promotes germination and growth. Red light works with blue light for higher yield. Infrared light might look dim to human eyes, but the full-spectrum of light speeds up phytochrome conversion and leads to bigger harvests.

All-in-one controls

No matter the size of your operation, Spider Farmer has everything you need to grow healthy, abundant cannabis crops, including grow tents perfectly sized for the lighting rigs. Not sure where to get started? Spider Farmer has you covered with complete kits. Each one comes with a tent, a grow light, carbon filter, fan, a timer, hangers, a thermo-hygrometer, and grow bags. That’s everything you need—minus seeds and soil—starting at less than $350.

While the five-by-five SF 4000 is Spider Farmer’s most popular light, there’s no need to go that big right away. SF lights start at less than $160: The SF 1000 boasts the same efficiency and light spectrum in a smaller package, with more than four square feet of coverage. The SF 2000 has all the same features in eight square feet. If you’re dreaming big, keep an eye out for the brand-new SF 7000 light, coming soon.