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weed grow light walmart

Weed grow light walmart

One might also say it’s the “Home Depot of High Times”. Or maybe the “Best Buy of Buds”. How about the “Target of THC”?

As The Oakland Tribune reports, iGrow — a 15,000-square-foot superstore — is now open for business in Oakland. Its “shelves are stocked with various types of grow lights, fans, plant nutrients and additives, and growing containers” for “medical marijuana patients who want to grow their own cannabis plants.”

T5’s are the most efficient, but they cost a lot more than T8’s. I use the 4′ 2 bulb T8 as overhead lighting in my veg cab, plants like it but I also have CFL’s in there right up on them, cause the light from CFL’s is more concentrated.


Yeah, I actually would like to try just using t8’s for veg. Maybe get like 3 or 4 two bulb fixtures going. 4 would be 256 actual watts.

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I just fear the plants would stretch. but I guess it would be worth the experiment.