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weed grow box reviews

Weed grow box reviews

All in all, when searching for a compact, sleek, well-built grow box at a reasonable price then the SuperBox Smart LED Grow Box by SuperCloset should definitely be one to consider.

The SuperBox Smart LED Grow Box is a superb well constructed and compact grow box from Super Closet, and is ideal for growers that require discreetness, are short on space, and with a budget in mind.

Stealth Grow Box

Various add-ons are also available through the SuperClost site alongside an excellent warranty and money-back policy and fantastic customer support.

Although short in stature, this grow box offers the grower the ability to grow enough plants to satisfy their needs, all in the comfort of their own home whilst at the same time keeping discreetness in mind.

SuperCloset SuperTrinity Smart Grow Closet System

The drawback is that this unit is the most expensive grow box. As they say, if you’re going to buy something – make sure it’s quality. This is the guaranteed case with the Supercloset, and having the ability to grow up to 24 plants is an incredible feat for a grow closet.

Weed grow box reviews

Other than that, you’ll need to install a small lighting system, a thermostat, and ideally a charcoal filter to take care of the smell. All together, the cost of purchasing these items could be significantly less expensive than a store-bought grow box or cabinet, and potentially much less than even a single ounce of weed from your dealer/dispensary.

You could repurpose a dresser or trunk if it’s the right size (about three to four feet tall, 1.5 to 2 feet wide and deep) or buy some 1/4 plywood, screws, and two hinges for the door, and you’re on your way. An added benefit of repurposing an item of household furniture like a dresser or an old refrigerator (or even an old PC tower, for a small plant) is that it’s a more stealthy option, depending on how good your odor control methods are. Make sure to drill several large holes in the floor of the box to help air flow.

“This Grow Box is the best Bang for your Buck, and with Unmatchable Customer Service they are by far the best pick for anyone looking into Growing Indoors, Beginner-Veteran.” TJ, USA

The Cash Crop 6.0 is a “dummy-proof” 2 plant LED hydroponics grow box that stands about three feet tall and according to the company, can produce 1-2 pounds of dry flower per grow cycle – which it says can be in as little as 8-12 weeks.

How to make your own grow box

Perhaps most importantly, grow boxes and kits contain everything you need to grow marijuana easily and efficiently. They are self-contained and include light, ventilation, soil, and a container for the plant to grow in. Most also allow you to control the humidity, light levels and duration, temperature, and all types of other factors that are essential to growing marijuana successfully. Also, buying a single grow kit or grow box can be less expensive than buying all the various parts separately.

And whenever you may or may not have questions, you can make use of the lifetime customer, technical and grow support.

The Signature LED Kit includes everything from the starter kit, as well as an LED light with much higher output and lower energy consumption.

Do grow boxes smell?

It’s no secret that marijuana can have a very strong and pungent odor, and with certain strains, even just a single plant can be odoriferous enough to potentially alert the neighbors. When growing weed indoors, this can necessitate the use of ventilation methods like carbon filters, ozone generators, and oscillating fans, which can also help stave off humidity and prevent mold and pests. But what can you do about the smell when you’re growing cannabis in a small, sealed off grow box?

The armoire is easy to set up, and according to the company, growing with the system is as easy as plugging in the unit, planting seeds, and adding water. They also state that it shouldn’t take any more than 2 minutes of attention per day to ensure a great cannabis harvest.