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weed closet grow box

Weed closet grow box

  • Ships fully assembled
  • 24/7 environmental monitoring
  • Fluid glass to view plants, while carbon filter neutralizes odor

A Pot for Pot

The Signature LED Kit includes everything from the starter kit, as well as an LED light with much higher output and lower energy consumption.

Black Dog Led Complete LED Grow Kit

And whenever you may or may not have questions, you can make use of the lifetime customer, technical and grow support.

Weed closet grow box

Excellent build quality is the first thing you’ll notice. Next will be the many features and add ons this brilliantly priced grow box comes with, from the dual Kind LED X40 Flower grow lights with smart tech control to the activated carbon air filtration system, and adjustable internal circulation fan to name just a few.

All in all, when searching for a compact, sleek, well-built grow box at a reasonable price then the SuperBox Smart LED Grow Box by SuperCloset should definitely be one to consider.

Aerospring Growers Edition

The SuperBox Smart LED Grow Box is US-made grow box available in two variations and can be configured for both hydroponic and soil grows.

Stealth Grow Box

SuperCloset provides excellent customer support, a money-back guarantee, and a whole host of additional add-ons and growing equipment.