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vvs chem seeds

Vvs chem seeds

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Glazed Apricot Gelato is a cross between Gelato #1 and Legend Orange Apricot. This cross produces a sweet and citrus aroma and sky-high potency. A heavy dose of this Gelato-related strain can lead to some serious couchlock.

Wedding Gelato strain is a cross between Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake strains. Gelato Cake elicits a strong dose of energy and a pleasant hazy aura that can liven up any situation.

In terms of physical relief, Gelato has been known to relax the body and help with muscle spasms, headaches, inflammation, and chronic pain. Some users with insomnia or other sleeping problems take Gelato at night to help them fall asleep.

Gelato Strain Price

Under optimal growing conditions, Gelato produces tight and chunky buds that can have a purple and blue tint when grown in cold weather. Gelato produces a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes and a moderate to high yield. The flower buds are spotted with striking orange pistils jutting from the bud and icy trichomes glistening from its leaves.

Gelato side effects:

Elev8 Seeds has also bred other Gelato creations such as Gelato Sundae, a cross between Gelato #33 and Sundae Driver strains. Gelato Sundae delivers a high yield and pungent aroma.

Is Gelato Strain Top Shelf?

Gelato flower buds can run customers about $60 per eighth or between $10 and $15 for a Gelato pre-roll. A gram of Gelato concentrate ranging from live resin to crumble to sauce can go for about $40 per gram.

Gelato weed has won critical acclaim including Leafly’s 2018 Strain of the Year award. Leafly stated that in November 2018 alone, “online users spent nearly 435,000 hours looking at the strain details and availability of Gelato at dispensaries near them, more than any other strain.” Needless to say, Gelato is a rising star among flower consumers.

0.05g dab (eyeballing) of the King Louie shatter. I heated up my dab rig and dropped the small pellet of shatter into the piece. The taste was as described; very sour and sweet. Instantly I felt a frosty stoned feeling hitting my noggin' and I realized the potency of this strain was much higher than the last few I had tried. I waited to see if any anxiety would start but instead found myself feeling euphoric and the high seemed to level off to a good intense level quickly but then feelings of warmth and relaxation began washing over me at that time. This is a high that will make 5 minutes feel as long as driving roughly an hour in traffic. When it finally tapered down I went indoors and looked up the strain and decided to write this review since I think this is a very good strain for any experienced stoners to try.

Very pleased, big dank nugs, the sweet and sour taste immediately sticks to your palate. I would have to say that ThCa: level at 26.2.% and a TAC:28.5%. I was very . The soothing calming affects while listening to some vinyl makes it a great afternoon! So If you ever come across this Strain I recommend that you take a toke and enjoy the smoke.

Great for managing mood swings/anger issues. Never felt so calm.

Drove an hour to grab some Royal Salute shake and a gram of "King Ooee Louie" shatter. I smoked a small bowl of the shake to begin the session and gave it a good 10 minutes to settle in. I remarked on the quality of the shake which I spent approx $5/g for. After feeling comfortable with the flower high I decided to give a

I tried this strain hoping it will help with my insomnia. I only took 2 small hits and it kept me up all night. Worse insomnia I ever had. Couldn't drift off to sleep no matter what i tried. The insomnia it caused was way worse than my regular insomnia. Don't understand why I had this reaction to it.

I remember when the Louie first came on the scene years ago it was a new favorite. As I smoke another bowl of Louie today I realize it has become an old favorite. Said to be a cross between OG Kush X LA Confidential (those are some good parents baby!) this bud smells good, looks good, tastes great and the high is always amazing. I'm an experienced smoker so I like heavy Indica buds and this is a heavy Indica.