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virtual weed growing game

Virtual weed growing game

The growing in the game is more accurate than in other online weed growing games. Watering and caring for your plants requires more than just pointing and clicking on said plants; you have to actually make the motions to do so. You also have to deal with pests, such as spider mites .

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is all about collecting cash. It was a lot less hands-on than the other games. This worked out great because it let me multitask instead of spending the time with my eyes glued to my phone. This game rewards you with oodles and oodles of coins, and you can double or triple your profits by either watching an ad or spending gems. Water is unlimited, which is nice, if not unrealistic. You can play music for your plants which I always thought was nice, though I assume you are playing Wiz Khalifa’s music, which would not be my first choice.

Few things pair together quite as well as smoking weed and playing video games. Sure, you could enjoy a good book, but pot can be a little distracting. Video games are also distracting, which is why they are great to play when you do not want to think too much. It’s also why many people can’t smoke weed without playing video games .

Weed Firm 2: Back to College iOs

So, in the spirit of journalism, we played some of the most popular mobile weed games to separate the good from the bad, so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

As you progress through the levels, you are rewarded with more strains to try, earning you more money and more customers. Level 7 unlocks the dispensary, in which you can create your own custom sales and wait for people to buy them. Knowing how to price your herb is key to making sales!

Video games and weed are simpatico, but what about when you combine them? I’m talking, of course, about video games about weed. While you might not have much luck finding a weed-themed console game, there are plenty of other places you will find them.

Bud Farm iOs

The Bud Farm series has been around since the advent of weed farming games and is widely regarded as one of the better ones. The loading screen consists of parody newspaper headlines such as “Stoners start their own country: Why didn’t we think of this sooner!?”. The gameplay is pretty straightforward; it’s a basic click and drag to plant your seeds, water, and trim. The game uses real strain names such as Northern Lights, Maui Wowie, etc., unlike the first game’s indica, sativa, and bush weed. Leveling up rewarded useful items, and you were not constantly coerced into buying them.

This game starts off very quickly. There is no tutorial. You are given a plant to grow and collect coins from. After you have gathered enough coins, you are given another strain to grow and collect coins from. A certain amount of coins is required to unlock the next strain. This game is not so much about the growing and more about coin mining.

Virtual weed growing game

W hilst it takes a whole load of effort to be a real farmer (hats off to them), with farming games, you get all the warm fuzzy feelings associated with a bumper harvest, without waking up before sunrise to defrost your tractor. Bored of tending those fava beans? Don’t want to milk the cows? Save and log off, and you’re done for the night — perfect.

Why is Blockchain Good for (Virtual) Farmers?

But unlike previous blockchain games, Nugbase have also built the immersive, massively multiplayer isometric game world of Flowerpatch, which is reminiscent of traditional RPG farming games like Harvest Moon, where players can plant and tend to their FLOWERs, spend SEED tokens, and eventually earn NUG tokens.

The Game World

After Harvest Moon’s success came a plethora of copy cat games and other farming games pitching in on the success, like the incredibly well received Stardew Valley, which was a diamond in the rough.