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vertical marijuana growing systems

Vertical marijuana growing systems

Two-tier stacks enable commercial growers to meet local code regulations. It also prevents the need for a scaffold or a scissor lift to access higher tiers. Two-tier stacks are an easy way to perfect your system before expanding your capacity.

Like any growth system, a vertical grow comes with its fair share of pros and cons. Here’s a brief rundown of the pros and cons of implementing this system as part of your indoor cannabis farm.

Pay special attention to airflow. We recommend the hoop-house method used in greenhouses. This pushes air into the open areas of the racks and pulls it out through the other end.

Step Two – Begin with a Two-Tier Stack

True vertical growing cannabis cultivates plants to the side of the column; nutrients and water are drip-fed to the plants from the top.

Vertical growing, when done correctly, can increase your profits and maximize efficiency. In many ways, it’s a game-changer. Scynce LED lights are designed to help you perfect your vertical marijuana grow while creating an overall higher quality of cannabis.

How to Start Vertical Growing

Vertical marijuana cultivation systems are designed specifically for commercial growers. If you’re growing for personal use, there’s little reason for you to invest in anything more than the classic horizontal grow system. If you’re hoping to move away from traditional methods, let’s discuss how to start a vertical cannabis grow.

Furthermore, LED lights have narrower physical dimensions than other lighting types while also offering the best light spectrum options. Purchasing Scynce LED lights enable you to control lighting spectrums to provide your plants with their lighting needs as they reach different growth stages.

When space comes at a premium, every square inch counts. The GROW Mobile System is a vertical, movable, configurable growing system that minimizes wasted space both vertically and horizontally. The stacked shelving allows for multiple levels of growing area, while the carriage-and-rail system reduces wasted aisle space.

The result? Your commercial cannabis operation can grow more plants in the same amount of space—giving you more opportunities to grow your yields, your profits, and your business.