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tony montana seeds

Outdoor Finish: Select a outdoor finish.

Height: Medium

Preferred Medium: Soil

Grow Information

Flowering Time In Days: 60

Growing Difficulty: Moderate


Flavors: diesel, pine, spicyherbal, and sweet.

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So how does one sustain this lifestyle of freedom? Simple find a “sugar mama” or go hustle because ” In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” Luckily for me I have the woman part covered and am not in the market for sister-wives unless Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife is looking to purchase a new yacht.

Obviously after this year of liberation there is not chance in heaven or hell that I can be contained to even a corner office in Brickell for anything less than 500k a year and private car to take me to a private jet which i’ve seen enough of in my short time in the Hamptons, Atlanta, and Miami.

At first we decided to stay State-Side as the world figured out how to control travel and maintain safety. So we did as all do we went out to the great west. South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, Colorado to list a few all with a 6 month old who loves hiking. Then we finally had enough, said Pura Vida and went to Costa Rica all while working remote. Which if you haven’t spent time in Costa Rica please go immediately rent a car and explore. (Travel was pretty simple if you did a little bit of research)

To bring things to a close this year has brought a new meaning to a lot of us, hopefully to you it has opened your eyes to the world and everything it. Because if you can see the forest for the trees then you can take advantage of any chaos, any problem, any situation and make it advantageous of your life.

What has truly been incredible is the amount of freedom one could attain by simple programs like web-ex or zoom . Both platforms that we took for granted or only utilized for conversations with the silver club (retirees) while they spend their “Golden Years” in the great state of Florida. I know my family took full advantage of zoom and wifi enable conferencing to engage with the wanderlust inside of us that Corporate America tries to limit to two weeks a year, but as Tony Montana says “Every dog has his day, right Mel?” or for me like 365.

In the last year working with start-ups in their seed and round A or B funding has been the thrill of a lifetime. I continue to work with a great network of equity investors while emerging myself daily in the world of the dreamers and innovators of tomorrow to see what new heights in the human experience can be achieved. (then immediately proceeded by Karaoke)

Remember there is plenty of abundance in the universe, it is up to you to learn how to manifest and receive it in your life. I wish you all a prosperous 2021 full of challenge and reward.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead]

It’s understandable why this change to the ending was made for the game. Video games are a different experience from cinema in that, since the audience is the active participant that drives the story to its conclusion, the ending should ideally serve as a reward for that effort. Maintaining the nihilistic ending of the movie would admittedly be dissatisfying for players who’ve sunk hours into the game, and have thus felt a more direct connection to Tony’s journey – not to mention accurately following the movie’s ending would have meant Scarface; The World is Yours’ plot never would have happened at all.

A Different, But Not Better, Ending for a Different Medium

Scarface: The World Is Yours, meanwhile, flips the script. In this case, it’s Tony Montana who infiltrates Sosa’s compound in Bolivia after surviving the attack on his mansion at the end of the film. Armed to the teeth, he similarly plows through waves of henchmen, profanities and insults flying as freely as his bullets. He eventually kills Sosa, sparing one of his henchmen to be his butler. The final shot of the game is a far happier one for Tony, who’s sitting in a jacuzzi with his girlfriend, more powerful and swaggering than ever.

Since its release in 1983, Brian De Palma’s Scarface has stood near the top in the annals of gangster cinema. Al Pacino’s testosterone and coke-fueled lead role, the pumped-up ’80s soundtrack, rags-to-riches story, and downpour of blood-soaked violence make for an epic that stands the test of time. It’s all tied together by the brutal ending sequence at Tony Montana’s mansion. In the vein of other De Palma classics like Phantom of the Paradise, Carrie, Blow-Out, and Carlito’s Way, it is an ending which is poetic in its inevitable tragedy and carnage. Yet, if one takes into account the 2006 video game Scarface: The World Is Yours, the fate of Tony Montana is a much different one than what viewers saw on the silver screen.

The ending of Brian De Palma’s Scarface is changed significantly by the 2006 video game, in a way that’s admittedly more satisfying for players.