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the sauce seeds

The pack contains seeds for Tomato San Marzano Nano, Classic Italian Basil and Hot Cayenne Pepper, alongside simple to follow instructions, recipes and helpful growing tips.

The seeds are kepts in individual heat-sealed paper seed envelopes and FSC paper packaging.

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A delicious collection of three seed packets to help you grow your own tomato sauce ingredients at home.

*UK only. Excludes custom prints. Does not apply to exhibition tickets, events, courses and Memberships.

This has lost some of its previous taste and quality. I like that it is organic and contains no nasties but the quality/recipe needs to be worked on.

Not as good now

I would not recommend this as it is watery, sickly tasting and full of unnecessary ingredients. Thankfully my usual Meridian FreeFrom Korma Sauce is back in stock. far nicer than this one and enjoyed by everyone (even those without food intolerances)

Got this as a replacement for my usual. ugh!

Has an undercurrent of curry flavour but not really creamy Korma'ish. Tasted quite acidic. I'm always wary of ready made cooking korma sauces as had this experience a number of times, unsure what ingredient makes it like this. Thought Seeds of Change would be different as some of their other sauces are nice, sadly not this one! My child said he liked it but I wont purchase again to cook with.