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the ooze seeds

The ooze seeds

Animal dispersal by hooked fruits

Fruit and seed dispersal

Winged fruit

Fleshy fruits
The seeds of many plants are dispersed after passing through the digestive system of animals that have eaten the fleshy fruits.

Exploding fruit
Impatiens capensis (orange spotted touch me not)

Hard nuts are usually destroyed if chewed or eaten. However, animals such as squirrels may cache them to eat later and fail to recover them, giving them an opportunity to germinate. On rare occasions, birds such as blue jays can transport acorns long distances.

Some species of angiosperms use hooks on their fruits to attach them to the fur of mammals or feathers of birds.

The ooze seeds

Plant the seeds once they have sprouted. I usually wait until they are a bit bigger such as in this picture:

1) Use a Sharpie to write the variety name on your sandwich size ziplock bag.
2) Fold a plain white paper towel down to one fold away from your desired size (you will basically be sandwiching the seeds in between with the final fold).
3) Wet the paper towel with purified water and wring it out lightly leaving it damp. If it is dripping it is too wet.
4) Lay the seeds on one half of the paper towel. I usually leave about a half inch space in between seeds. Fold the paper towel over on to the seeds and press down lightly.
5) Carefully insert the paper towel seed bundle into the ziplock. Blow air in to puff up the bag and seal.

Sweet pea harvest

Easy Steps for the Paper Towel/Baggie Method for Seed Germination

Here’s a quick video showing the sweet pea sprouts. You can also get a good visual of how I folded the paper towel.

The sweet pea seeds are now easy to plant into containers such as root trainers or 4 inch pots. Simply bury the seed so it is about an inch below the surface of the soil. Be careful not to damage the root. I hope this article helps you with your sweet pea germination problems! For information on where to buy sweet pea seeds check out THIS POST! Once your sweet peas have grown a sturdy root system check out THIS POST for how to plant them in containers that you can grow easily on your patio. And finally, if you are wondering about WHEN to plant your sweet pea seeds, I wrote all about my success with autumn planting HERE.

Sweet pea seeds germinating

The Paper Towel/Baggie Method

I LOVE sweet peas! The flowers are so gorgeous, and that fragrance. Incomparable! Where I live it is impossible to find sweet pea seedlings available for purchase, so I have no choice but to start my own. I met with lots of failure until I finally figured out the secret. If your sweet pea seeds won’t germinate, try what worked for me….

Paper towel and baggie sweet pea sowing method.