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t8 grow lights for weed

T8 grow lights for weed

Would a 2 bulb 4 foot be enough (at least equal to the 2 shop lights)?


I clone in this closet and I pop seeds here. Nothing stays in here past 6" or so.


yes T5’s get warmer than regular shop light flouro’s.
not like going to hid, but they do kick some heat.

T8 grow lights for weed

Ideally, T8 grow lights are more suited to the earlier stages of growing; their lack of maximum capacity for lighting can hamper and impair growth during the veg and flowering stages.

Though wonderfully efficient on the energy consumption front, T5 lights do have two major drawbacks:

If used during the flowering phase, the maximum lumen capacity of HO-style T5 bulbs can lead to greater yields of a more potent and aromatic flower.

Once your plants are set up to thrive past their initial growth, you really need the higher brightness capacity of T5 to grow lights. As photosynthesis really starts to ramp up during these growth phases, the more light you can provide to your plants, the better your final outcome – and heavier your harvest!

For use in cloning, seeding, and rooting: Choose the T8s

Choosing the right lighting source for your indoor to grow can mean the difference between a successful veg, flower, and harvest, or an underwhelming yield. But how can you determine what sort of grow lights you need for your unique situation?

If your setup is prone to overheating due to lack of appropriate ventilation, being in a difficult growing climate, or growing during the peak summer season, T8s may be a better choice for you during the cloning, seeding, and rooting phases. Here, they will provide sufficient lighting for germination and deep rooting without running the risk of scorching or drying immature plants.

Because the T8s give off less heat and less light, they are in fact more suitable for these early phases. If you were to use a brighter, hotter T5, you would run the risk of scorching the plants or upsetting their biological rhythm necessary for the early stages of growth.

Pros and Cons of T5 Lights

Because of their increased efficiency, choosing T5 grow lights will cost you substantially less in electricity bills in comparison to T8s. This is especially noticeable during the vegetative growth phase, where you might have lights on 24 hours a day.

While many lighting options aren’t too expensive, choosing the wrong type can mean a costly loss of time and effort for your indoor growth. Let’s look at how to decide between T5 and T8 grow lights, so you know exactly which one you need.