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supernatural seeds

Supernatural seeds

Rob McDonald
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Robert Bocskay
Having difficulty with of some of the seeds you supplied me with. Would you please help me out with.

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Supernatural seeds

“. The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables…” (Luke 8:10)

We watch as a single seed can grow into one of the largest, strongest trees we have ever seen, giving off fruit for years, even centuries. It truly is a miracle.

Have you ever thought about the power of a single seed?

How does a seed know how to find its way to the light of the sun?

The Seed is the Word of God

Much is said of “seeds” in the Bible. Gaining a deeper understanding of seeds and the concepts spoken about them can greatly improve our understanding of God. There are several things that God refers to as seeds in the Bible, the most notable being the word of God.

As a seed grows, God’s word grows in us and produces fruit of the Spirit. Just as a seed needs good soil to grow, so the heart must be humble and soft to receive and respond to God’s word. The parable of the sower has been an enduring allegory since Jesus spoke the words, but to those who are His, God shares the secrets of His Kingdom.

The “word of God” can also be used when referring to a thing said, or an utterance. When used this way we see the Greek word ‘Rhema’, often spoken of as the “Rhema word.” It is the word spoken personally to us in the present moment that God wants us to know… right now! This is the meaning that is used in relation to seed in the Bible. The seed is the Word of God. Spiritual seed.

If a natural seed has such power, what about God’s supernatural seed? We do not want to miss out on this incredible life-changing message God has for us through His seed!

What might God be trying to tell us by referring to His personal, instant spoken word as “seed?” Why would God choose to use the word meaning “seed” to describe His Rhema word in the first place? There are a few answers that immediately come to mind, especially when we think of Jesus’ parable of the sower (Matthew 13, Mark 4, Luke 8).