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super sour diesel seeds

Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze grows successfully indoors as well as outdoors although in the latter case a Mediterranean climate is favoured as its longer flowering time requires good weather through the early part of the autumn. Indoors flowering takes 10 – 12 weeks but the wait is more than worthwhile. The first 2/3 weeks of florescence sees a good deal of stretch thus lending it to training methods and SCRog and even SoG set-ups.

Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze is a high-yielding strain created by crossing an original Super Silver Haze (Neville Schoenmakers) with Sour Diesel. It is a Haze-dominant plant that has become a personal favourite of the Connoisseur Genetics’ breeders.

The terpene profile is excellent combining intensely mouth-watering lemon, lime, pine and Haze flavours. Its rock-solid buds are packed with resin and although the flowers make for an amazingly potent smoke/vape these can also be used to produce incredible full-melt hash and other extracts and concentrates.

Super sour diesel seeds

The highest content test for CBD is 1%.

The Super Sour Diesel strain has a pungent fragrance. Upon the exhale, it exudes the aroma of ripe summer lemons, followed by the sharp smell of diesel. It also has hints of warm earth and herbs while expressing just a touch of pine.

Besides its powerful effects, many people enjoy its complex blend of flavors. This strain has an intriguing burst of citrus and a combination of sweet, tangy herbs. Super Sour Diesel also features an undercurrent of heat along with pine and diesel. It’s a punch to the taste buds, but many find it pleasant.

CBD Content – Highest Test

However, too much of a good thing can have some unintended side effects. While this strain is a relatively pleasant smoke, it is incredibly potent. With an average THC level of 24%, newer consumers should take this strain in small doses.

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It is also an excellent social strain and unlocks great conversation, releases social anxieties, and induces happiness and contentment in users. Another benefit of Super Sour Diesel is its long-lasting high. Many users report that its effects last for hours at a time.


Low energy sufferers or those facing chronic fatigue may feel renewed energy and focus while consuming this strain. Super Sour Diesel is also an excellent option for those seeking to address symptoms related to appetite reduction and anorexia.

Super Sour Diesel is a potent strain, and some users may experience adverse effects. These may include dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and headaches.