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super skunk seeds

Super Skunk is a souped-up version of Skunk #1 and was created by crossing it with an Afghani strain. It is a super F1 strain with increased vigour and potency. It was released in 1990 and won the High Times Cannabis Cup for indicas in its first year!

Super Skunk is mainly a plant for indoor or greenhouse cultivation except for those living and growing in warm regions such as those with a Mediterranean climate. It is 80% indica and undergoes only a modest amount of stretch once flowering has begun. It is a fast-flowering plant that is ready to crop after 45 – 50 days of florescence.Yields are heavy and of commercial quantities with plenty of fat, sticky buds which are nicely aromatic.

The aroma and flavour are a little more restrained than Skunk #1 although very sweet but this strain has a really potent effect with a good head-high and a nice, potent, relaxing, heavy sensation especially behind the eyes.

Super skunk seeds

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