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sunset mac seeds

Sunset mac seeds

The aroma of this strain is pungent and sour, similar to unripe berries and an earthen essence similar to wildflowers. On the exhale, a slight hint of citrus can be tasted.

Sunset MAC genetics stem from crossing Alien Cookies with the hybrid Columbian x Starfighter, and the Indica hybrid Sunset Sherbet. This strain offers large, light green nugs with mild undertones of purple, and a very light coating of trichomes. It's not the most visually captivating strain because of its dull appearance, but it's smell and flavor are anything but dull.

Sunset MAC is an Indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain. Reviewers have described its effects as good for easing pain, relaxing, and getting ready for bed. However, some have also reported feeling clear-headed enough to enjoy family time or a good movie while using the Sunset MAC cannabis strain.

Sunset MAC THC levels average at about 28% with dominant terpenes being terpinolene and myrcene.

Sunset mac seeds

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Sunset mac seeds

Combustion of the herb does bring me herbal, sweet and sour gassy notes that are present in the Sunset Sherbet, but the MAC does show up lightly in the lingering mouth effect that reminds me of uncooked sourdough. It’s a strong throat hit, so watch out and get plenty of air with that hit.

Medicinal Effect: Medium-Above Average Strength. Strong body high with a spacey head high to match. Sucks you into your chair and doesn’t let you go. Not necessarily a sleeping aid strain, because it does keep me up. Truly feels like a indica-leaning hybrid.

The nugs are a mix of smaller nugs and three medium-sized nugs that have been crushed just a little to fit into these tiny jars.

Overall: If @l.a.made isn’t on your canna-radar yet, I don’t blame you. They’re exclusively stocked @peaceofgreendtla – home of the majestic, and often imitated, MAC by @capulator – #capscut grown by the master – check back in my posts a couple weeks ago to find a review on that strain.

Aroma: Peanut Butter Cookies, Blackberry, Wintergreen.

The Fire Scale: 8/10 flame-uhh-moh-jees

Palate: Cracked Pepper, Vanilla Milk, Gas Exhaust, Herbal Spice, Lightly Floral, Bread Yeast.

Structure: Sticky, buoyant purple kush like texture–a bit leafy and pulls apart easily. A light coat of frost.

I will note that there are no stats on the outside of the label, but I have seen Cap posting lab tests on his insta so I know that they are testing.