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sugar black rose cannabis seeds

Sugar black rose cannabis seeds

Genotype: 20% sativa / 80% indica
THC: 18%
Indoor Harvest Time: from 50 to 55 days
Production: 350 gr/m2 indoor
Efect: Medicinal
Resistance to mold: High
Outdoor Harvest Time: mid-September
Lineage: critical+ X black domina
Irrigation tolerancy: High
Medicinal value: Very high

Where to buy Sugar Black Rose cannabis seeds?

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very great to grow and responds well to feeding liquid kelp and cal-mag..use fox farm ocean forest and coco chunks and pearlite in 30 gallon smart pot ..water every day the smart pot with 3 gallons ..feed after 8 weeks some liquid kelp and cal-mag just a few teaspoons per 5 gallons.

Sugar black rose cannabis seeds

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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds | Indica | THC content 15-20% | High yield

Sugar Black Rose Auto strain


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Sugar black rose cannabis seeds

With relatively high THC levels of between 18-20% and strong indica effects, this strain guarantees a powerful high that will last throughout the night. Sugar Black Rose is a gentle hybrid that is very relaxed in nature. Think of a relaxing body buzz combined with strong euphoria that leaves you feeling uplifted, happy, and maybe even a little tingly – that’s Sugar Black Rose.

Sugar Black Rose offers a mildly uplifting high that starts out with a deeply relaxed feeling. The euphoria comes in waves throughout the high and drizzles off as the intensity of the buzz kicks in. Curl up on your couch with your favorite show on TV, and enjoy the blissful nature of the comedown as you enter dreamland.

What Is the Sugar Black Rose Strain?

When opening a bag of these fresh buds, you will probably first notice a pungent sweet aroma that is a bit like candy. But on closer inspection, you may get more subtle earthy and floral aromas.

Although Sugar Black Rose has a slightly above-average THC level, it doesn’t overwhelm smokers. That said, it could sedate the body enough to cause drowsiness, and thus induce sleep. Therefore, this strain is best used when you have nothing to do – no responsibilities for the next few hours.


The Sugar Black Rose aroma takes on an earthy, pungent, musk that is similar to that of exotic hash imported from overseas. That’s a general overview, but in reality, both the aroma and flavor of this strain are very complex.