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strawberry mochi seeds

Noted for being a great strain when you need a positive shift in mood, Sherbacio by Alien Labs will bring an upswing to your day. Bred by crossing Sunset Sherbert with Gelato #41, this strain offers a lip-smackingly good terpene profile. Expect a sweet candy flavor upfront that’s backed by a gassy finish.

What strain is italian ice ? Italian ice is an indica dominant hybrid [ 60 indica / 40 sativa ] marijuana strain that packs a high THC level and CBD content of less then 1 percent.

What strain is cookies and cream?

Mochi is a hybrid strain created by Sherbinski, who crossed Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. Like many other new cannabis strains, Mochi gets strong genes from the Cookie Family of cannabis.

What strain is gelato 41?

Is Sherbacio an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Sherbacio is an indica strain. Sherbacio THC levels tend to fluctuate, so be sure to check your batch’s level before creating a serving size for yourself.

Strawberry mochi seeds

I had an issue with one of my seeds being out of stock but responses were very fast and friendly. Th.

Daifuku Regular Cannabis Seeds by Masonrie is Mochi Gelato crossed with Strawberry Sherbet. 10 Regular seeds per pack, with flowering times averaging around 8-9 Weeks.

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Daifuku Cannabis Seed Stats

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