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strawberry mango haze seeds

Strawberry mango haze seeds

Strawberry Mango Haze Auto

The Strawberry Mango Haze has Sweet, Strawberry, Tropical, Mango and Flowery flavors while the effects of strawberry mango haze are reported as happy, hungry, uplifted, energetic and euphoric.Strawberry Mango Haze seeds are available to buy in 17 seedshops online, compare the offers and find the best deal before you order your Strawberry Mango Haze seeds.

Strawberry Mango Haze Auto

We have listed all seedshops where you can buy Strawberry Mango Haze cannabis seeds. Compare prices and offers before you buy Strawberry Mango Haze seeds and get yourself the best deal available.

Strawberry Mango Haze reviews

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Strawberry Mango Haze Auto Feminized Seeds

Strawberry Mango Haze Auto

About Strawberry Mango Haze seeds

Strawberry Mango Haze Auto Feminized Seeds

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The aroma of this strain is out of this world; delicious ripe fruit flavours abound wit the emphasis on strawberry and mango. Although extremely powerful the effect is very manageable for experienced smokers/vapers for day-time use. The high is very energetic and uplifting and will put anyone in a good mood. It is very good for creative pursuits.

Strawberry Mango Haze SuperAuto is quite possibly the single most mind-blowing hybrid that Stitch has ever created. It is the fruitiest sativa imaginable and is a cross of Brazil, Mango Haze and Stitch 0.2.

If grown indoors then we would recommend to use SCRoG with the lights on for 18 – 20 hours per day. In this way about 450 gr/m 2 will be ready to harvest in 3 months. The smell will be very noticeable indoors and so air-filters should be employed to deal with this. The buds have few larger leaves making trimming a simple operation.

Strawberry Mango Haze is very easy to grow and also has very high resistance to a range of plant pests. Outdoors it can reach between 200 – 400 cm. tall with its long branches forming giant colas. Buds are not as dense as indica’s but their swollen calyxes are dripping with resin. In 90 – 100 days this strain will go from seedling to harvest producing approximately 300 gr/plant of dried buds.

If grown outside Stitch recommends using at least 25 litre pots; even better is to give the plants 2 weeks in 3 litre pots before planting directly into the ground which has been prepared with good quality soil. Feed “grow” nutrients for 6 weeks, then a 50/50 mix of “grow” and “bloom” for 2 weeks and then exclusively “bloom” nutes up until about 10 days before harvest. During this last phase it is recommended to flush with pure water in order to improve the taste.