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strawberry ice seeds

Strawberry ice seeds

Great service guys. love you offers too.

Strawberry Ice Cannabis Seeds from The Bulldog Seeds

Very good company very quick sending, good coustums they are very helpful 100% recommendation.

Strawberry Ice Cannabis Seed Stats

wow these guys are amazeing thankyou for the great packing akarln amazeing .

Strawberry ice seeds

We have succeeded in the fruitiest variety imaginable. The sativa adds the flavours only, as she’ll stay short. Her taste is amazing, but her smoke is thick and heavy on the lungs. A vapourizer is highly recommended to cool down its thick smoke or you’ll be coughing.

The fresh strawberry taste and aroma are very obvious and a wonderful experience. Strawberry Ice has a fruity taste and great high. The THC crystals on the buds can have a little red glow among with her fruity taste she reminds me of a big bowl of strawberry ice cream.

Are you ready to taste the Strawberry Ice Flavor? “I love to get the munchies from smoking strawberry ice marijuana and eat a big bowl of strawberry ice cream.“

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