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starting marijuana seeds under led lights

Starting marijuana seeds under led lights

Providing your plants with 18 to 24 hours of light per day will keep your plants growing leaves and stems. Your plant will not flower while receiving this much light. Once you decide your plant is big enough you change your light timer to 12 hours on 12 hours off and this will trick your plants into starting the flowering state

Sativa strains cause more of a cerebral high (energizing). Sativas also grow larger, have higher light requirements, and take longer to mature than Indica. Sativas often have thin, finger-like leaves while Indicas have fatter, rounder leaves. Sativa is harder to grow then Indica and any hybrid of the two only get easier to grow.

Indoors, your cost depends on your setup and what you’re looking for. If you want to harvest an ounce here and then, it may cost very little to get started, even just $100 (check out space buckets).

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The number one rule here is to check your curing buds often. At this stage, it would be truly sad to over dry your buds. You really want to cure the buds over a few weeks or as slow as possible.

Nutrients are started just after the first 4 leaves open, but at this time remember to use a half strength nutrient formula for the first week so you don’t burn your plants.

The importance of proper pH balance in your water/nutritional supplements

After the marijuana buds have dried, it’s time to cure the bud. This is done by placing the dried buds in quart-sized mason jars.

Over years of growing cannabis I’ve developed a simple, cheap and very effective tool kit for growing cannabis. I’m going to share this knowledge with you to save you hours of time and loads of money on items you just don’t need. All of the tools I use are available on Amazon so its cheap and easy to get a hold of all of these tools. The cost my personal grow kit when added up is around $200 without the grow light.

Starting marijuana seeds under led lights

Hey I have germinated two seeds. Do I put in a greenhouse that gets 9 hours of sunlight a day or put out in direct sunlight for same amount of time? Only popped through soil 3 days ago.

Ciao Susie il consiglio che ti do io x esperienza trentennale, pianta direttamente nel terreno, è più difficile ma dà risultati del 30% in più specie nella quantità. Allora metti il seme in acqua almeno 15 ore,dopo pianta il seme (anche a 23 centimetri sotto terra) innaffia bene e dopo ogni giorno inumidisci fino a quando non spunta la piantina, una volta germogliata io personalmente non la innaffio x almeno una settimana (dipende dalla temperatura esterna) ha lei i nutrienti x sopravivere almeno 10 giorni. E poi vedi se cresce più forte. Io faccio dei mostri di 6 metri

Are your cannabis seedlings falling over?

If the basement is damp that’s why you would have mould. Yes totally get a dehumidifier! Run it so you get the basement at the right humidity first, It will dry out the room and give you a stable base. Then aim to keep the grow room around 55% I think and around 24 degrees and have several small fans that can be moved about easily. It’s also really useful to keep the humidity down if you’re using it to dry too. That’s when you have to really worry about mould! But on your bud not the room! Good luck

If cannabis seedlings grow tall and then fall over, this is almost always a result of growing in an environment with static air.


I grow autoflowers, sometimes a seedling will pop high, a trick is to take 2 bread ties and burn off the plastic about halfway up one end, insert the metal tie away from seedlind, bend the tie towards the seedling, make a loupe and wrap arond seedling, this will hold seedling in place untill it’s mainstem is able to support itself on it’s own, works everytime, you can allso take a plastic sraw and cut a slit in it like a little cast, but the bread tie method works best, have been running autos for allmost 10 years!