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space rip seeds

For a cannabis experience that is out of this world, Space Candy marijuana will take you on an atmospheric ride from the comfort of your home. The beauty of its foliage is matched only by its tantalizing terpene profile that lends to the potent strain’s psychedelic effects. Truly, Space Candy marijuana is an otherworldly treat.

Space Candy marijuana is a perfectly balanced hybrid that will overwhelm all of your senses: like nuts and candied apples, the warmth of its aromas and flavor like freshly baked berry pie will wrap you in a blanket of serene happiness; a THC content upwards of 18% will inspire creative thought and productivity. An energy-driven strain, Space Candy marijuana lends itself perfectly to the treatment of such mood disorders as depression and PTSD, as well as mitigating chronic stress, restlessness, and nausea.

Space Candy marijuana will take you on an otherworldly adventure. Rich with THC and mouthwatering flavor (thanks to a diverse terpene profile), the versatile strain is famed for being as easy to grow as it is to enjoy.


Adding to the popularity of Space Candy marijuana seeds is the fact this strain is quite easy to cultivate. It’s a sturdy strain that has been known to flourish in even less-than-favorable conditions. Expert Tip: organic growing mediums will help enhance the flavors of this ripe and delicious strain. Space Candy marijuana plants bud in a vivid display of colors, which sparkle once the leaves are coated in crystal resin. With 8-9 weeks of flowering, mature Space Candy plants will yield an average crop of 12 to 14 ounces per square meter inside, and up to 14 ounces per plant when grown outside.

Space rip seeds

Since onions were grown and used as a basis in nearly every global cuisine, the references to its uses are too numerous to name. It is recorded that Columbus introduced onions to the Americas in 1492 on his first voyage to Hispaniola. Long before this, they were cultivated across the Middle East, China, and South Asia.

Perhaps not surprisingly, onion festivals abound, as many communities in North America depend on onion farming. But the town of Vidalia, Georgia, must surely set a new standard of celebration with its 12 full days of festivities. Although the official festival is only three days long in mid-April, the “pre-festival” events include beauty pageants, softball tournaments, historic reenactments, a sidewalk sale, storytelling, genealogy lessons, a carnival, a parade, and outdoor movie screenings. By the time the official festival gets underway, things really get moving. There are barbecues, hayrides, a full-scale air show, demonstrations of military equipment, a street dance, rodeo, marathon race, a car show, an arts festival, recipe contest, a motorcycle rally, an onion eating contest, the “Vidalia Onion Culinary Extravaganza,” live music, and an onion sale! The entire spectacle is overseen by “Yumion,” Vidalia’s own life-size walking onion mascot.

Onions left in the field produce masses of seed, which, though short-lived, germinate very well. Onions themselves are suited to a wide range of storage techniques, from freezing to powdering, so it is no wonder they have become such a universal foodstuff.