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space queen seeds

Below are the genetic characteristics and information about the Space Queen Marijuana Strain from BC Growers Association. If you are looking to buy bulk seeds, or have any questions or remarks about BC Growers Association seeds, please contact us here, and we will be happy to assist you.

We do not stock or ship original BC Growers Association seeds worldwide and we don’t guarantee secure shopping, discrete stealth and crush-proof shipping and quick delivery. All seeds that we don’t sell online are hand picked and guaranteed from the original breeder including the original packaging. Germination rate is regularly tested and well over 90%

If the “buy now” button does not appear, it means this particular strain is not in stock. Before you purchase BC Growers Association seeds, check the crucial characteristics of Space Queen from BC Growers Association below. Scroll down to check related cannabis seeds that we have on stock.

Space queen seeds

Space Queen is a legendary hybrid marijuana strain that is a cross between Cinderella 99 and Roman, a 50/50 sat/indica hybrid, averaging about 8 weeks flowering time and the yield is above average when grown under the right conditions.

Space Queen Seeds are one of our most popular strains and with good reason, the massive colas are covered in brilliant trichome crystals and the final buds deliver a potent punch. The aromas are a unique blend of lemon, pine and pineapple, with a dash of dank chronic.

Space Queen Cannabis Seeds will impress the most seasoned of smokers and reward the patient grower with superior, dank chronic, with a long list of medicinal benefits.