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space bucket cannabis grow

Space bucket cannabis grow

John, who asked us not to use his last name because he’s a small-business owner, is a member of a spirited new subculture of home growers who have congregated online in recent years to share information about—and instructions for building—tiny grow chambers cobbled together from 5-gallon buckets, totes, plastic barrels and materials you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s. They call them “space buckets,” and draw inspiration both from traditional closet growers and the hacker-inflected maker community, where the open-source taste for sharing knowledge and designs is deeply ingrained.

Bucket Yields

“It’s like playing God, man,” he says with a grin. In fact, John and a few friends are currently planning an experiment in which they’ll set up a handful of space buckets with identical conditions so that they can change one variable—the hours of light they give the plant during the flowering phase, say—and lab-test the potency of each harvest afterward to expand the knowledge base of effective indoor-growing praxis.

Bucket Heads

You can keep a plant bucket-sized with topping and low stress training. (Photo by Alex Royan/High Times)

Space bucket cannabis grow

I have a few questions in regards to growing cannabis in a space bucket. First what is the expected yield amount that one can expect from growing in a space bucket. Second what type of lighting is best for space buckets and produces the greatest yields. How long is the grow cycle and what's the monthly electricity consumption of operating one? Thanks

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Cost: Depends on type of lights used and time lights are on with some Power Companies (pricing differs at night)