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sorbet stash seeds

Sorbet stash seeds

The exuberant crystallization of the Sorbet Stash is a true dream for hashish and concentrate artisans. The compact and aromatic buds develop long pink hairs as they grow and produce an intense relaxing effect and intoxicating euphoria when dried and smoked. This indica-dominant strain is also perfect for those seeking relief from chronic stress and pain.

This hybrid of Headstash x Sorbet sits at the top of the pyramid of the best cannabis strains in the modern world. Sorbet Stash combines the benefits of growing an easy and robust plant with the high yields and heavy effects. A sticky plant that gives off pungent odors and produces very compact buds to the touch, in pure indica style.

Sorbet Stash is an easy to grow plant that is perfect for beginners. Experienced growers will be able to achieve true connoisseur results. It grows well both indoors and outdoors, but especially prefers the greenhouse. Flowering times for this medium sized plant are 8�9 weeks, with yields of the order of 450�500g / m�.

Headstash x Sorbet
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Indica: 70% | Sativa: 30%
Yield 450-500 g/m2
Height: Medium

Sorbet stash seeds

The encounter between Headstach cannabis and Sorbet produces an easy growing plant and resistant to plagues and diseases. Great for someone just getting started on a first cultivation.

Also this variety will please the most demanding growers that can make the most of this genetics. It adapts greatly both indoors and outdoors but specially providing impressive results in greenhouses.

DNA Genetics invites you to discover Sorbet Stash in the form of feminised seeds at An Indica-dominant genetic, ideal for beginners.

After 9 weeks of flowering harvest is ready. An abundant floers yield covered with resin. This genetics is ideal for extractions, Rosin, BHO or Hashish.

This variety provides a very relaxing effect, ideal to relieve pain and reduce stress.