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snow mountain seeds

Platform: Bedrock

This peculiar generation is not something that Minecraft players will stumble across everyday. Finding gems like this is what makes Minecraft seed hunting so rewarding and exciting.

There is a village that is only a few moments walk from where the player spawns into the game. As always, this is a perfect place for players to gear up with some initial resources, food, and equipment.

#4 Jungle Snow Village

For gamers, this is sometimes an absolute dream come true. What’s better than a legitimate excuse to stay inside and play more video games?

Seed: 636304433

#5 Snowy Igloo Village

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Platform: Bedrock

Snow mountain seeds

On July 28th, 1806, William Clark, co-captain of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, collected this curious plant while exploring Montana’s Yellowstone River. Plant hunter and botanist Frederick Pursh called it a “very handsome species” in his Flora Americae Septentrionalis (1813), which described many plants collected by Lewis and Clark. Snow-on-the-Mountain is distinguished by white-edged and veined upper leaves, is now popular in cutting gardens. Snow on the mountain tolerates deer, drought, and poor soils. Recorded and/or collected by Lewis and Clark on their expedition.

Direct sow seeds outdoors after the last spring frost. Soak seeds in warm water for eight hours before sowing to enhance germination. Approximately 15 Snow-on-the-Mountain seeds per packet.