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slurty3 seeds

Slurty3 seeds

These selections are emergent genetics that are capturing the interest and attention of experienced cultivators. Our seasonals are at the forefront of the program—they are glimpses into the future of California cannabis.

It takes a lifetime to truly cultivate cannabis. Thirteen years in and we’re still learning and growing every day. We remain firmly rooted in our community of growers, cultivators, farmers, and producers.

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These genetics are selections that are brought to market with our most trusted partners and friends. Collaborations allow us to playfully create at the edges of emerging genetics and highlight the work of breeders we dig.

Slurty3 seeds

Alchimia presents Purple City Genetics, a cannabis seed bank located in Oakland, California.

Purple City Genetics, specialists in elite clone selection

We can find original hybrids coming from different clones crossed with Watermelon Zkittlez and Key Lime Pie, including the famous Z3, Do Si Dos. Also S1 seeds such as Watermelon Zkittlez, a variety as resinous as it is rich in terpenes.

Limón Picón – Purple City Genetics

Alchimia is delighted to present Punch Out by P.C.G (Purple City Genetics), a great variety offered in feminised seeds. This seedbank is located in Oakland, where it carries out breeding and cultivation of the best Californian phenotypes. Punch Out [. ]

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