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slurpie seeds

Slurpie seeds

Once again 80% were exceptional yielders. All were definatly heavy resin producers.

You also acknowledge and agree that you are prohibited from distributing any seeds to territories or countries where the possession of cannabis seeds and/or dealing in cannabis seeds is illegal.

All the phenos but # 33 were exceptionaly fast. we are talking done by 55 days. We only ran #33 to 55 days because she was so beautiful we wanted to reveg her so we cropped her a little early.

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Germination of hemp/cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries/ states. Seeds are for Souvenir purposes only. Hemp/Cannabis seeds are to be germinated in countries/ states where it legal to grow Hemp/Cannabis. Chai Life Genetics accepts no responsibility for any entity who does not comply with local, state and federal law.

I have to say there is a recesive pheno in there #33 that is nothing like either parents and there was only one in the bunch. She was a very heavy yielder with terps that will remind you of sweet juicy fruit gum.

Legal Disclaimer

What you will find when running Pineapple Slurpee is a nice mix of phenos that lean Pineapple Express with the exceptional resin production of the Starfighter F3 genetics. 80% of the phenos found during testing had Pineapple Express bud formation with the added frost production. There is a mix of terps found. most leaning pineapple with a little bit of Cookies and Cream coming from the Starfighter male.

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Slurpie seeds

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All seeds sold are strictly considered for NOVELTY, SOUVENIR and/or PRESERVATION PURPOSES ONLY!

Father: Terpee Slurpee

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